Monday, July 5, 2021

"Things to Find" tables and Velonia

 So in my Lost Carcosa supplement something I did was have an encounter table as well as a "Things To Find" table for each region. I initially assumed that I would do something different for my upcoming supplement, Velonia.

An example of one of the "Things To Find" tables

The trouble is I absolutely Hate making the "Things to Find" tables. I disliked doing it for Lost Carcosa and I'm finding it even harder to make some for Velonia

Coming up with 50 (!!!) interesting, non-combat encounters is kind of difficult for Velonia, because at its heart wilderness exploration isn't what Velonia is about. Velonia is investigating terrible occurrences and exploring crumbling old ruins, the countryside itself is fairly safe (so long as you do your exploration before dark). In addition, the very landscape of Velonia (mountains, forests, and rolling hills) kind of limits the variety of regions that can be made.

So instead I decided that I'm going to be doing something a bit different. Instead of having a set of tables with 50 pre-made things for each region, I'm going to make a bunch of different, smaller tables which can be used for multiple regions.

As a proof of concept, here is a random table which might be used:


  1. An abandoned but relatively intact tower. It is covered in strange fungus, which glows a strange violet color after dark.
  2. A crumbling mansion, overgrown with ivy. Ghostly figures can be seen in the upper windows by the light of the full moon, and the upper story is perilous and rotted.
  3. A burnt out hovel, with the Syngianite holy symbol repeatedly carved into the charred wood. At the center of the hovel is a cast iron cauldron and the bones of an old woman.
  4.  A partially collapsed temple of the Old Faith. It is desecrated and defiled, with the altar chiseled with Syngianite holy symbols and ancient dried blood smeared on the walls.
  5. The base of a tower, with hundreds of smashed stone bricks to the south where the rest fell. Old arrow heads and bits of chain mail can be found amidst the ruins, the remains of an ancient battle.
  6. A small castle, the roof long since decayed and destroyed. There are tattered remains of old banners beneath the fallen shingles.
  7. An old Syngianite church with shattered stained glass windows. In the back is a cemetery with numerous exhumed graves.
  8. An ancient sepulcher, with holes in the roof letting in sunlight. In a sarcophagus at the room's center is a skeleton with a stake driven through its heart and a brick forced into its mouth.
  9. A Vaanist shrine, looted of all valuables. Graffiti on the wall says "May your false god stay dead!" next to a crudely drawn Syngianite holy symbol.
  10. An abandoned farmhouse, paint peeling and roof partially collapsed. The lock on the front door is broken, as if someone forced open the door.
  11. What was once a large and magnificent castle, now little more than mounds of overgrown rubble. Strange, blood red flowers grow abundantly among the fallen stone bricks.
  12. Rune covered standing stones, some have fallen over the years. An altar at its center has some dried blood on it, a few days old.
  13. An unused shack, held together with rope and mud. Various animal bones can be found inside, dangling from strings fixed to the ceiling.
  14. A small cabin in relatively good condition. A window is broken and the inside has been ransacked, but the exterior is largely intact.
  15. A heap of blackened wood and charcoal that was once a house of some kind. Charred human bones can be found in the ashes, with deep bite marks.
  16. A vine covered monastery. In the courtyard is the toppled statue of a Syngianite saint, its head missing. 
  17. A ruined Syngianite church, with only the bell tower still standing. At midnight the bell tower tolls by itself.
  18. An entire village, abandoned and reclaimed by nature. Fleeting shadows can be seen out of the corner of one's eye, but disappear when looked for.
  19. An abandoned sanitarium, with a broken roof and some water damage but otherwise intact. Ghosts of the mistreated patients walk the halls, muttering hints of the place's troubled past.
  20. An old barn one wall smashed through from the inside. Smashed beakers, test tubes, and an alembic indicate this was once a makeshift alchemical laboratory.