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Session Report 11/11/18

Unfortunately since the last session, my datemate lost is character sheet, so now e made a new character, and we switched to my house rule system; JABOM. I came up with some solo dungeoneering rules based on the Solo Heroes rules by Sine Nomine.

The character e came up with was Grumbus, an orcish bard (wizard with some flavor changes), who has a small goblin as a familiar that e keeps on a string and uses as a grappling hook. Grumbus also has a large stick with nails in it that e insists is a wand.

I decided orcs get +2 to STR and -2 to CHA, and this is the final character sheet for the character:

Class: Level 1 Wizard (bardic singing wizard)
Species: Orc
HP 4
AC Medium
1 Mana
Familiar is a really small goblin on a string
(used as a grappling hook)
STR 14 (+1)
DEX 10
CON 10
INT 8 (-1)
WIS 10
CHA 12
Languages: common
85 coins
Gold colored scale armor (40 coins)
Big fuckin club with nails in it thats also a wand
(heavy melee weapon, 1d6+3 damage, also its a wand, no
mechanical effects though)
Backpack (5 coins)

Orcs get +2 STR -2 CHA
Knows the following spells:
Level 1
Magic Missile
Target within line of sight takes 1d6+1 damage.
Create Fire
A candle-sized fire is created on any object
or location the caster can see.
Target within sight must make a
saving throw or believe the caster is their friend.
I read off some adventures I had prepared, and e immediately gravitated to the House on Hell Road, a "haunted" house adventure in the Book of Delves. Here is what happened:

  • Grumbus arrives at the house, not wishing for gold, but merely wanting to see a ghost for funsies.
  • Upon reaching the boarded up door, e removed some nails from it and added them to is "wand" (for, and I quote "additional tetanus damage").
  • After entering the house, e found some stuffed heads, and took two gems from one of the head's eye sockets.
  • E went up stairs to find a fake ghost silhouette and a lantern full of green faerie fire, which e took.
  • When Grumbus walked down a corridor, darts fired at im, and e threw the faerie fire at the wall where the darts came from, burning the attackers alive (though the fire went out quickly, due to its magical nature). E determined from the corpses they were goblins.
  • E found some spectacles on a wooden display, and used is goblin familiar as a grappling hook to grab it without needing to touch it, finding that the spectacles serve as infrared goggles.
  • Moving on, e disarms a trap, after finding some warm footprints with is infrared glasses that helped reveal a tripwire. Grumbus took the axe from the pendulum trap.
  • Following the footprints, Grumbus meets and intimidates Derek, a brownie who lives in a cupboard and is obsessed with shoes. (My datemate claimed that the brownie is me, since he wears jingly jangly jester clothes and I am a fool)
  • Derek tells Grumbus that there are no ghosts in the house, and it was just made up by an ogre named Olaf and his goblin servants to keep people away. Grumbus demands Derek takes im to Olaf.
  • Grumbus goes into a room with a magical boiling cauldron that can make small, unintelligent clones of any creature that is dipped into it, along with some gems in a pouch. Grumbus takes the gems and then goes hogwild, making many many increasingly smaller clones of is goblin familiar, followed by cloning imself once.
  • Derek leads Grumbus on, and they encounter 2 "ghosts" which turn out to be goblins stacked on top of each other, wearing sheets and affected by an illusion spell. (This is discovered after Grumbus beats the shit out of them with is "wand"). Grumbus promptly eats the goblins after killing them.
  • Grumbus finally encounters Olaf, lounging on a pile of coins, promptly casting charm and convincing the ogre that e is an old friend, and that Olaf owes im money from gambling. Olaf is convinced, and gives Grumbus the coins, stating that e is welcome to come back any time. When offered rotten meat by one of Olaf's servants, Grumbus chowed down, stating "I'm an orc! I eat it!"

Treasure Taken
Two gemstone eyes worth 1000 coins each
Magical infrared spectacles
An axe from a pendulum trap
500 coins worth of gems in a pouch
Several clones of Grumbus's goblin familiar and is own clone
1500 coins

Enemies Killed
9 goblins

NPCs met
Derek, a shoe obsessed brownie
Olaf, an ogre who pretends the home he lives in is haunted to drive away intruders, and is convinced Grumbus is an old friend

Saturday, November 10, 2018

House Rules V.01 PDF and 2 Characters


Here is a link to the current version of my house rules, feel free to steal and mess with as you will, preferably giving credit to me.


So, one of the main things I wanted to accomplish with my house rules was extremely fast character creation, something that I deem essential to a high mortality game. I stripped down as much as I could, while still leaving enough to allow for some player choice (admittedly, fighters kind of get the short end of the stick here, but they're powerful enough that that doesn't really matter).

Characters in my house rules can be made in about 5-10 minutes, and here are two that I made for funsies.

Heinrich the Norseman

Species: Human
Class: Fighter
Level: 1

HP 8
AC Unarmored (Light Armor, -2 from DEX)

STR 16 (+2)
DEX 5 (-2)
INT 11
WIS 11
CHA 12

Greatsword, +3 to hit, 1d6+4 damage

Leather armor
3 oil flasks
7 coins

-Left his village in the frigid North to find adventure, gold, and warmth
-Hates shoes, preferring his own calloused feet
-Has a strong accent, and difficulty speaking, but is in no way stupid

Elizabeth Blake

Species: Elf
Class: Rogue
Level: 1

HP: 6
AC: Medium armor + shield (Medium armor +1 from DEX)

DEX 13 (+1)
CON 10
INT 10
WIS 11
CHA 12

Disguise 4 in 6
Lockpicking 2 in 6

Sneak Attack
+4 to attack and double damage when attacking an unaware target

Shortsword, +0 to hit, 1d6 damage
Pistol, +1 to hit, 1d6+1 damage

50 coins
Plate breastplate (medium armor)
Shortsword (1 handed melee weapon)
Pistol (1 handed ranged weapon)
10 bullets
4 oil flasks

-Adopted by wealthy human parents
-Learned how to disguise herself in order to hide her Elfish heritage from bigoted relatives
-Set out into the world following her parents' death, after their money was given to a cousin instead of her
-Wants to regain the life of luxury she came from

Friday, November 9, 2018

The Re-Animation Reagent

I recently rewatched the excellent Stuart Gordon film Re-Animator (a loose adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "Herbert West - Reanimator"), and I immediately found myself wanting to write up the re-animation solution from the film as an item for OSR games. So here it is!

(Jeffrey Combs as Herbert West)

West's Reagent
The re-animation solution created by Dr. Herbert West has a consistency similar to milk, and glows bright green. It is typically found in small, plastic or glass containers, holding 1d6 doses each.

When injected into living tissue, it revitalizes and rejuvenates the user, causing them to regain 1d6+1 hit points and not need to sleep or eat for 24 hours. However, it is highly addictive, and after a week of consistent use, one must make a saving throw each day they do not take the reagent or take 1d3 damage and a -2 penalty to attack rolls for the day. This withdrawal lasts 1d3 weeks. However, the primary effect of the drug occurs when injected into corpses.

When a single dose is injected into dead tissue, it re-animates the corpse, though the effects vary dramatically from creature to creature, and is affected by how long the animal/person has been dead. Determine the freshness of the corpse, and then roll a d6 on the corresponding table.

Less than an hour dead
1. The creature rises up, makes a terrible noise, and then expires
2-3. The creature comes back as a mindless zombie, intent only on killing
4-5. The creature comes back aggressive and violent, but does retain some memories from life, and may not attack creatures that it had emotional connection to in life, and may even obey simple commands
6. The creature comes back to life with all its mental abilities intact

Dead for a day
1-2. The creature rises up, makes a terrible noise, and then expires
3-5. The creature comes back as a mindless zombie, intent only on killing
6. The creature comes back aggressive and violent, but does retain some memories from life, and may not attack creatures that it had emotional connection to in life, and may even obey simple commands

Dead for more than a day
1. Nothing happens
2-3. The creature rises up, makes a terrible noise, and then expires
4-6. The creature comes back as a mindless zombie, intent only on killing

Dead for over a week
1-3. Nothing happens
4-5. The creature rises up, makes a terrible noise, and then expires
6. The creature comes back as a mindless zombie, intent only on killing

(Taken from Re-Animator)

If more than one dose is injected into a subject within 24 hours, living or dead, the body will begin to rapidly mutate and fall apart into 2d6 body parts, each with 1d3 HP, AC unarmored, and 1 attack dealing 1d3 damage. In the case of living subjects, a saving throw can be made to avoid this effect, instead simply regaining an additional 1d6+1 HP.

Zombies made as a result of West's Reagent have the following statistics, and move as fast or faster than they did in life:

Re-Animated Zombie
HD As in life +1
AC Unarmored or by armor worn
ATK 2 unarmed attacks
DMG 1d6

(Taken from Re-Animator)

Porting The Reagent To A Fantasy Setting

  • The goo drips from a rare flower in the South, and is used by a death cult
  • A meteor crashed into the woods, composed of small crystals full of the green fluid
  • An alchemist by the name of Helibert Westen created the substance in an attempt to create the philosopher's stone
  • It is a venom extracted from a demonic spider
  • Pre-human serpent-folk created the formula, and it once allowed them to live forever, but over the aeons it has become the unstable chemical that is found today
  • It is refined ectoplasm, harvested from ghosts and altered through unholy rituals

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Brain Eaters (My Take On Mind Flayers)

A hunched over, bearded figure in a brown cloak stumbles towards you in the dark, pitiful and weak looking. You sigh, wishing not to attack such a humble creature. He probably is just an old beggar, lost and cold. If you had your way, you'd let him into your master's house, but your orders are specific.

"Halt!", you shout, "Turn back please, Master Smith is not accepting visitors at the moment".

At this, the cloaked man stops his stumbling, and looks up at you. Though you can't see his face, you feel fear, as though the ragged old man in front of you is gazing into your very soul. Then, before your eyes, he begins to change. 

He, no, it, begins to stand up, unfolding from its hunched position. As it straightens, the thing you once thought was only 5 feet tall at the most now stands nearly 7 feet in height. The worn, brown cloth gives way to hideous, wet looking black leather. The gray beard morphs into a mass of writhing, purple tendrils, dripping with mucus, and long, clawed talons extend from the sleeves of the now ebony cloak.

Before you can draw your sword, you hear a horrific screeching noise, as blood begins to drip from your nose. You are paralyzed, completely unable to move as the monstrous abomination strides towards you. You can see its eyes now, they are white, like a boiled fish. It grabs your head with its talons, and the last thing you feel before everything fades to black is the burning sensation of acid melting through your skull.

(Image taken from Monstrous Arcana: The Illithiad, and run through Waifu2x to remove some jpeg artifacts)

Brain Eaters are inhuman creatures from another plane of existence that (as their name suggests) derive sustenance from the brains of sentient beings. They dwell in otherworldly cities miles beneath the earth, coming up from time to time to gather information, slaves, and brains to eat. They do not have a language, instead communicating directly into the brains of others through telepathy, which is why they don't have a proper name, since translating a concept into words from a species that has no idea of language is difficult. The mind of a Brain Eater is completely alien to human psychology, it is cold, calculating, and ruthless in the extreme. It is unknown what the Brain Eaters want with our world, but legend has it that they are merely advance scouts for a great invasion force that shall arrive when the stars are right.

Brain Eaters are 6 to 7 foot tall purple-skinned humanoids with a head resembling that of a 4 armed cephalopod. They have pure white eyes, and their skin is covered in a thin layer of mucus. Brain Eater clothing usually consists of black leather robes and cloaks.

Brain Eater
HD 9
AC Medium
ATK 1 tentacle grab
DMG 1d6+1 + special
HDE 18

Anyone struck by the Brain Eater's tentacles is grabbed by the monster, as it attempts to burrow into their brain using powerful digestive enzymes. Each round, the victim may make a saving throw to attempt to escape. If the victim does not escape in 1d3 rounds, the brain eater reaches the victim's brain, killing them instantly.

Brain Eaters have an exceptionally strong intellect, which allows them to enforce their unholy will upon the world around them using nothing but their mind. A Brain Eater has 1d3 of the following abilities:

Mind Blast
1d6 targets within line of sight of the Brain Eater must make a saving throw or be paralyzed for 2d6+1 rounds.

A target within line of sight of the Brain Eater must make a saving throw or become a mindless puppet to the Brain Eater's will, controlled by the GM. This lasts until the Brain Eater chooses to end the effect, or it dies.

The Brain Eater appears, to all observers, to be a harmless humanoid creature of average size and height. Anyone who sees the Brain Eater and is suspicious of the creature being not what it appears may make a saving throw (the GM rolls in secret). If the saving throw is made, the character may see through the disguise (the Brain Eater does not know this).

Brain Scan
The Brain Eater rummages through the mind of a target within line of sight, reading their thoughts and memories. The Brain Eater learns 1d6 pieces of information that it wants to know. If a saving throw is made, the Brain Eater only learns 1d3 pieces of information.

Inflict Terror
1d6 targets within line of sight of the Brain Eater must make a saving throw or become supernaturally terrified, doing anything in their power to get away for 2d6+1 rounds.

Boil Brain
A target within line of sight of the Brain Eater must make a saving throw or take 2d6 damage and lose 1d3 points of INT, WIS, and CHA as their brain boils in their skull. If a saving throw is made, the damage is halved, and the target does not lose any INT, WIS, or CHA.

Greyhawk Ruins Condensed Key: Tower of War 4

NOTE: The following key requires the use of WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins to be used properly. In order to avoid infringing upon copyright and merely making a helpful tool for a game master, monster statistics and the map for the dungeon level have been purposefully omitted. The module can be purchased here

ANOTHER NOTE: This series of posts is going to be put on hiatus for a bit, as its starting to become a little tiring and monotonous to me. I am going to be coming back to this in time, but for now I'm going to be taking a little break. However, I might start work on my own megadungeon soon enough...
(A hook horror, as drawn by Tony Diterlizzi)


  • Wooden semicircular domes beneath shafts leading upwards
  • Rubble litters the floor
  • Corpses of 10 ogrillion and 12 orog, shredded by talons and teeth
  • 250 coins in golden items and 120 coins lying around
  • Scrapes and scorch marks all over the walls, floor, and ceiling
  • Corridor blocked by cave in, claw marks in wall
  • Debris can be cleared in 4 hours
  • Chapel with 6 pillars holding up the ceiling, one of which as collapsed
  • On an altar to the death god Nerull is a service set made from copper and malachite (green semi-precious gemstone) worth 500 coins
  • Dining hall with a reddish stone altar to the death god Nerull
  • If altar is touched by a cleric, it will produce food and water (up to 12 times a day)
  • Dying and starving owlbear with only 2 HP left
  • Will act as a guard to anyone who feeds it and nurses it back to health until it gets back to the surface
  • Chunk of stone blocks corridor
  • A smaller PC could squeeze around it
  • 3 wights
  • Under a bed is a +2 mace
  • Each room has a gold spittoon (250 coins) and a copper and malachite service set (120 coins)
  • In a desk is a diary of one of the priests of Nerull that became a wight, talking of how spells to Nerulls began to fail and an avatar of Vaprak killed much of the underworld
  • Collapsed rubble fills the hall and blocks the path
  • Rubble can be removed in an hour
  • Locked door
  • Male dwarf impaled on spikes projecting from door, clutching keys to all doors and cells in W412
  • Torture chamber, with a large rack
  • Bones on the floor, ogrillion corpse with a knife in his belly against the wall
  • Under one bed is a large amount of torture equipment, including an injectable poison that does 3d6 damage (7 doses yet), a suit if chain mail, some adventuring gear, and 2 long swords
  • Stone wall blocks the hall, middle of the wall seems recently rebuilt
  • Middle can be dismantled in an hour
  • Rubble covers the floor
  • 4 troglodytes carry a golden end table (450 coins) towards a pile of gold coins (350 coins) and 5 barrels
  • A winch elevator is in the center of the room
  • Troglodytes will defend themselves if attacked, but would rather run away
  • 2 troglodytes, each holding a gold candelabra worth 75 coins
  • 10 troglodytes sleeping on mats,, but they are very light sleepers
  • 2 clay pots of troglodyte oil nearby
  • Door can be barred and locked
  • Empty dining hall
  • Chopping can be heard from W419
  • 2 friendly duergar chefs preparing a meal
  • Will tell party that a meeting is being held in W420, and that they want to escape servitiude to W500
  • Room is locked
  • A level 5 half-ogre cleric, in conversation with 5 orogs, and 2 ogrillions
  • The half-ogre has a potion of fire resistance, ogrillions each have a 15 coin nose ring, orogs each have 4 coin ear rings
  • 3 dark tapestries worth 125 coins, one depicting a pyramid on a spiral staircase, one depicting 5 ogre magi, and one depicting a line of slaves
  • Each room has a bed in them, 2 rooms have one sleeping duergar in each
  • Doors locked at both ends of the hallway, with a secret door
  • Burning fireplace, 4 ogrillion and 2 orog spring up from chairs and attack when party enters room
  • Each orog has an armband worth 45 coins, each ogrillion has a 12 coin nose ring
  • 2 elite orog guards sleep in their private room, with paralytic poisoned blades, each with a gold neck band worth 70 coins
  • Closet contains some weapons
  • Peepholes looking in on W417
  • Paralyzing gas in barrels in the adjoining room
  • Statue of a troll/ogre in the center of the room, which can be opened to reveal a ladder leading down
  • 2 elite orog guards disguised as statues on 2 dais
  • Each orog has a gold neck band worth 70 coins, as well as paralytic poisoned blades, with a a vial of paralytic poison each
  • 2 hook horrors chained to the wall
  • Religious symbols on wall pegs
  • A desk contains scrolls detailing unimportant religious information
  • Closet contains 25 coins worth of night gowns, a fur coat worth 150 coins, and 35 coins worth of perfume and rubbing oils
  • Bed has silk linen worth 100 coins
  • Bedroom with a sleeping human woman (level 4 thief), sleeping on the bed
  • The woman is the concubine of an evil priest, and wants help to escape to the surface, though she claims to be treated well
  • She wears a silk gown worth 35 coins, and her bed sheets are worth 60 coins
  • On the table is a gold brush (15 coins), and golden jewelry (120 coins)
  • Damp barrels line the walls, some empty, some full of water
  • Winch leading down
  • Bulette will burst through wall and attack
  • Caves covered with lichen and moss
  • 33 hook horrors in the cave, with 22 coins, 12 gold neck bands (50 coins each), 2 gold neck bands (70 coins), and 8 gold nose rings (35 coins)
  • Hatchery was destroyed by the bulette from W431
  • 12 skeletons and 12 zombies, which will only attack if party enters from the northeast
  • Bones and rotting corpses on the floor
  • 11 hungry giant frogs
  • A black pudding on the ceiling
  • Underground river with 8 giant pike
  • River connects to the 4th level of the Tower of Zagig

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Greyhawk Ruins Condensed Key: Tower of War 3

NOTE: The following key requires the use of WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins to be used properly. In order to avoid infringing upon copyright and merely making a helpful tool for a game master, monster statistics and the map for the dungeon level have been purposefully omitted. The module can be purchased here


  • 4 ogrillions
  • Large table with parchment, quills, and ink
  • The parchment on the table is an inventory of all the gold placed in this room
  • A small chest, covered in dust and full of 16 crawling claws
  • 1110 coins worth of gold items scattered about the room
  • Statue of the ogre demi-god Vaprak in the center of the room
  • 5 orogs (15 coins each), 2 ogrillions (2 coins each), and 1 half-ogre cleric (level 5)
  • Half-ogre carries a scroll of cure serious wounds, a key to W305, and 35 coins
  • 4 barrels containing troglodyte sweat, anyone coated must save vs. poison or lose 1d12 STR for 12 rounds, and everyone in surrounding area must save or lose 1d6 STR for 10 rounds (the monsters have nose plugs to block out smell)
  • 4 troglodytes leap from ledge near ceiling and attack
  • Troglodytes have scarred up brands of a scythe and skull, with new brands of a taloned hand
  • Locked door
  • 5 orogs, each with 40 coins and nose plugs
  • 1 orog has a key to W305
  • 8 troglodyte slaves, branded with taloned hands
  • They are hungry and not immediately hostile
  • Sealed clay pot nearby contains troglodyte sweat
  • 4 duergar resting on cots, floor is covered in wax from used nose plugs
  • 3 stone chairs near the wall, as well as a shelf containing golden items
  • 3 golden headed axes (40 coins each), 3 unmounted axe heads (40 coins each), 4 gold mugs (25 coins each), a gold spider (120 coins), and golden nose plugs (10 coins)
  • Written in Dwarven on the shelf is “The secret chamber of the six”, signed with 5 red marks and the word “Gundo”
  • Secret door opens upwards, and falls down after 1 round, dealing 1d12 damage to anyone caught as it closes, with a +10 to hit
  • An orog hidden in the wall behind an arrow slit, with 20 arrows and a bow
  • In the hidden chamber is a chest that is locked containing 245 coins
  • Treasure trove of 5000 coins worth of gold items, as well as a golden statue of a dwarf worth 1750 coins
  • 10 troglodytes and 2 duergar, which are neutral at first and even friendly, but will attack if given a chance
  • Empty room with golden marks on the wall and floor
  • One flagstone is a loose trapdoor
  • 4 ogrillions lifting a platform with 250 coins worth of gold items and 2 troglodytes with a winch
  • The shaft the platform is lifted out of is 15 feet deep
  • A feast hall, with 5 troglodytes, 3 orogs, and 4 ogrillions eating here
  • If the ogrillions or orogs are attacked, the troglodytes will assist the party
  • Each orog has gold nose rings worth 85 coins and the ogrillions have 5 coins worth gold nuggets each
  • Locked room, floor is covered with dry blood, with a guillotine near a prison cell
  • In the cell are 2 male humans (3rd level fighter and a multiclassed 3rd level fighter/thief) and 1 female elf (4th level wizard), all nude
  • If the elf is taken to Greyhawk City, her betrothed will pay the adventurers 300 coins and give them a suit of chain mail
  • If noise is made, duergar from W317 will attack
  • 4 duergar cooks, some cooking equipment, and 4 cots
  • One duergar has keys to the cell in W316 and the doors to W326
  • Locked room, containing cooking supplies like salted meat and water barrels
  • A bench winds around the edge of the room, and there are bones and grime on the floor
  • 2 owlbears, chained up, but only one is visible, as the other is hiding
  • Shelves containing blank iron covered tomes (total worth 2500 coins) and a desk with a gold quill (25 coins)
  • In a hidden compartment in the desk are 3 scrolls, detailing tactical plans of the underworlders for leaving the underworld and invading the surface, with maps and battle plans to invade Greyhawk City
  • Large cavern, held up by 6 pillars held together with giant chains
  • Large stage in the center of the room, with doors and curtains on the edges of the room
  • 5 orogs and 4 ogrillions armed with spears on the stage in the center
  • A 30 foot deep pit is in the center of the stage, and the stage is 15 feet high
  • The pit contains three 3rd level dwarf fighters and a 3rd level gnome wizard
  • 2 tables with tree stumps for chairs, 3 barrels, and many sleeping mats
  • 4 ogrillions sleep on the mats, each with 10 coins
  • The barrels have water in them, and there are dice on the tables
  • Many cots fill the room
  • 4 ogrillions discuss how dwarves taste, and each one has 20 coins and a 60 coin gold neck band
  • Broken weapons on the floor, as well as a functional broadsword and 2 spears
  • An archway, guarded by 4 orogs armed with poisoned blades (cause paralysis for 12 rounds) and wearing platemail
  • Ruined, red skeletal statue of the death god Nerull
  • Beneath statue are 4 gold arm bands (50 coins each), 85 coins, and a vial of paralytic poison (can be used to coat 20 blades)
  • Locked room, containing 2 beds, desks, and chairs
  • Hidden alcove contains a gold coated statue of the ogre demi-god Vaprak which is worth 1500 coins, and a scroll comparing the death god Nerull unfavorably to Vaprak
  • A half-ogre 5th level cleric sleeps in a bed
  • On the desks are notes on rituals to Vaprak and also notes on other underworlders
  • 3 beds, a table, and chairs
  • Weapons, armor, and backpacks fill the room
  • Any who enter must save or be affected by a runic symbol inscribed upon the wall that causes them to be paralyzed for 1d4 hours
  • Supplies are from prisoners in W316 and W322, there are also 2 black bound booklets on a shelf that cause any good aligned creatures that touch them to take 1d4 x the victim’s level damage
  • The booklets are the holy books of the death god Nerull, and are worth 600 coins
  • 3 half ogre level 5 clerics, 8 orogs and 9 ogrillions are eating a meal of human flesh, served by 3 duergar which will run to W333 if battle takes place
  • Each ogrillion has 9 coins, and each orog has 20 coins and a 60 coin arm band
  • The half ogre has a phylactery of long year, which allows him to live longer than he ought to
  • Locked room containing 4 bunk beds and kitchen equipment
  • Barrels of water and cuts of meat, as well as some butcher knives
  • Kitchen with 5 duergar chefs
  • The duergar will only attack if threatened, otherwise will try to befriend the party and convince them to free the dwarves in W307 and W312
  • 3 elevators and stairs leading down
  • The stairs are covered with slippery moss, and requires 3 DEX checks or anyone using them falls down the stairs

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Matango (Mushroom People) for Holmes Basic

Matango (also known as Attack of the Mushroom People), is a surprisingly good 1960s toho film that is loosely based on William H. Hodgson's "The Voice in the Night" (which, if you haven't read it, is also extremely good). In the film, a group of luckless vacationers are stranded on an island covered in mushrooms, and soon find that eating the fungus takes over your mind and eventually your body, until you become a horrifying humanoid mass of mushrooms!

Placing some Matango fungus in your dungeon is a surefire way to cause fungal shenanigans, especially if the party is running low on food...

Stage 1 Infection

After consuming a portion of Matango fungus, one must make a saving throw versus poison. If they fail, they have entered Stage 1 of Matango infection. They will now encourage anyone they have contact with to consume the mushrooms as well, claiming that they are delicious and the best thing they've ever eaten. In addition, they are now considered to be charmed by any Matango they encounter, immediately considering them friends.

Stage 2 Infection

24 hours after Stage 1, fungal growths begin to appear over the infected's body. This grants a +1 bonus to AC, and a +1-8 bonus to hit points due to nerve endings being consumed. However, at this point the infected's personality has begun to decay, and the creature now simply serves the telepathic hive mind of the Matango. They are still capable of some speech, and may vaguely remember who they once were.

(Taken from Matango)

Stage 3 Infection

After a week or more after stage 2, the transformation is complete. There is nothing human left about the creature, other than its general outline; all of the flesh has been replaced with fungus. This grants the infected an additional 1-8 hit points and another +1 bonus to AC. The brain is completely consumed, and the only sound the victim can make with their fungal vocal organs is a distorted, horrific laugh.

(Also taken from Matango, the mass of fungus on the right was once a human being)

Typical Stage 2 Matango Victim
Move: 120 feet/turn
Hit Dice: 2
Armor Class: 8
Treasure Class: nil
Alignment: Neutral
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1-4

During stage 2, these creatures are still recognizable as former humans, with fungal growths bursting from their skin and a bumpy texture. They may be able to communicate, usually demanding people to eat the mushrooms.

Typical Stage 3 Matango Victim
Move: 120 feet/turn
Hit Dice: 3
Armor Class: 7
Treasure Class: nil
Alignment: Neutral
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1-6

When the infection process is complete, the former human is now nothing more than a mobile mass of mushrooms, laughing grotesquely as they approach their victims...