Thursday, February 9, 2017

Character Background Generator

Roll a d24 and consult the following chart to determine something interesting that happened in your character's past. If you do not possess a d24, simply roll a d12 and flip a coin. If the coin lands heads, add 12 to the roll.

  1. Your village was overrun by savage monsters of some kind.
  2. One of your parents was an adventurer, and you follow in their footsteps.
  3. You were raised by a species different from their own.
  4. You grew up on the streets, without parents.
  5. You have committed a crime, and are on the run from the law.
  6. You are related to a royal family, and may be a minor noble.
  7. You served a soldier, but left the army for some reason.
  8. You were taught at a prestigious school of some kind.
  9. You used to be a hero of legend, but level draining has reduced to you a novice once more.
  10. You pursued the ways of another class before settling into your current skills.
  11. You are an escaped inmate from a prison or asylum.
  12. You used to sail the high seas as a privateer.
  13. You grew up in the wilderness, far away from any civilization.
  14. You have no memory of your past, you woke up here with the clothes on your back and your current equipment.
  15. You serve a church, guild, or other powerful organization.
  16. You secretly worship a deity that is frowned upon by society.
  17. You believe that you are the rightful heir to the throne.
  18. Though you possess special skills, at your heart you are but a simple peasant.
  19. You are not native to this plane/world, you came here under strange circumstances.
  20. Many believe that you are a martyr who died for your cause, but you actually faked your death.
  21. You are an explorer from another continent/country.
  22. You used to be a hireling for another party, before they were horrifically slain.
  23. Before you lost favor with the local monarch, you had served in the royal court.
  24. You are a merchant, and your goal on your adventures is to acquire interesting trinkets and items to sell for a profit.

Yes, its another OSR blog

Hi! I'm Dungeon Master T, and I'll mostly be using this blog as a place to drop off all the half-baked ideas, monsters, partially-completed adventures that pop into my head. Hopefully some of these things are usable by you, or at least make you laugh. Have fun!