Monday, March 6, 2017

25 Adventure Seeds

Today I challenged myself to develop some interesting ideas for adventures without relying on home-brew monsters. Heres what I came up with:

  • A cult to the god of stone has trained a basilisk to hunt down the cult's enemies.
  • Zombies and skeletons have risen from their graves and are heading North for unknown reasons.
  • 7 goblins with magical weapons are terrorizing the town.
  • Clones of the same orc have been emerging from a nearby cave, and they seem to be telepathically linked.
  • An orcish horde numbering 500 individuals is attacking soon. They have employed the help of 5 trolls and 10 ogres. The heroes have 7 days to prepare the town's defenses.
  • An ogre has been shrunk down to the size of a human. She desires to be big again, but the cure to her curse is the blood of the hag who shrunk her. The ogre promises to share the location of her treasure horde with whoever helps.
  • A group of bandits are living among a colony of giant ants, wearing the ant's pheromones as perfume in order to avoid detection.
  • A swarm of rust monsters has nested in the nearby mineshaft, and is attacking blacksmith's shops and armories across the town.
  • A crazed wizard has bred a kind of giant rat whose bite spreads ghoul fever. He plots the downfall of civilization from the sewers.
  • A group of troglodytes are digging tunnels beneath the town and abducting citizens for unknown reasons.
  • There are rumors that an ancient wizard lies petrified in a cave under the lake. If the ring on his finger is removed, he will become flesh again. Unfortunately, this cave is guarded by lizard folk.
  • A group of kobold architects have dug what the claim to be "the perfect dungeon". They have put a Gold Dragon egg at the end of it, and anyone who can make it all the way through the dungeon without dying may claim it. The entry fee is 100 GP.
  • A Red Dragon and her band of crimson-robed fire cultists has taken up residence in the nearby mountain and is demanding tithes.
  • A group of bugbears and their giant spider pets live in the forest and kidnap children and the elderly.
  • A hobgoblin legion is waging war against a clan of dwarves beneath the town, and the war is causing problems on the surface. Both sides are hiring mercenaries.
  • A werewolf is living among the town and killing at will, but it is up to the heroes to find out who it is.
  • A hydra, created by a local wizard, has escaped into the forest and must be hunted down to be returned/killed.
  • Nobody can die in the town anymore, and they regenerate all wounds. This is due to a troll poisoning the water supply with its own monstrous blood. However, the town's citizens are slowly turning into trolls as a result of this contamination.
  • A portal has opened up in the middle of town, and it leads to a land with a dying sun, ancient ruins, and swarms of undead.
  • A mind flayer and its thralls has come to town and is openly terrorizing the populace.
  • A tomb full of 10 Wight warriors in full plate mail has been opened, and the wights have begun their crusade against the living.
  • A goblin assassin has been sent to kill a friend of the PCs. The assassin and her loyal goblin servants must be prevented from killing the NPC before the local militia can stop her.
  • An iron golem, originally built to defend the town from raiders, has gone haywire and now lurks in a nearby cave. A group of crazed cultists worship the golem as a living god.
  • Giant bees, centipedes, beetles, and other arthropods have been emerging from an abandoned building. A cleric to the vermin god is enlarging the bugs from within the derelict structure.
  • A sub basement level of a noble's house has been discovered, and it is full of ghasts. The noble is paying anyone willing to exterminate them 50 GP per ghast head.

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