Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bellguard Hex Crawl Session 1

Our heroes arrive via ship to the small colony of Bellguard, a walled city on an unnamed island. The party consists of:

Ricky: A foolhardy thief with a large sword and no common sense.
Sir Timothy Smithony XVIII: A disgraced former general turned adventurer
Gindalf: A magic-user
Ziva: A cleric of Sekhmet

After purchasing supplies, the party moves east into the Faerie Forest, where they encounter 7 goblins. Gindalf casts sleep, giving the party more matched odds. They slay 6 of the goblins, and the last one runaway deeper into the forest.

The party continues their foray into the forest, encountering another group of 7 goblins, along with 4 hobgoblin commanders. The goblins take combat formation before Gindalf once more casts sleep. 3 of the goblinoids make their saving throws and continue combat, but eventually the party prevails.

The party moves into the Beast Lands, a region inhabited by animal folk. A group of heavily armed and armored orcs demand the party come with them and fight in their gladiatorial arena. Gindalf casts sleep on as many of the orcs as possible and runs with the rest of the party into The Black Spires, an area known for its many black crystals and strange monsters.

The party encounters a hooded figure, who eventually is revealed to be a Mind Flayer, who kills Ziva by sucking out her brains. Fortunately, it seems this specimen was a weakling of its kind, and the rest of the party manages to kill it before it can unleash its powerful psychic blast.

The party returns to Bellguard where they pick up Zia, a cleric of Thanatos. They return to the Beast Lands where they encounter some Lizard-folk. The encounter goes peacefully, and both groups go their separate ways. Later, the party encounters some more Lizard-folk, and trade with them, gaining two potions of healing and a pepperbox revolver.

Finally, the party encounters an orc named Grungol, and help him escape the Beast Lands. In gratitude, Grungol reveals that in the Faerie Forest, to the Northeast, is the lair of a Green Dragon. The party marks the location of this dragon on the map.

Session ends at 11:28 PM.

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