Friday, March 31, 2017

Bellguard Hex Crawl Session 2

This session's characters were:

Ricky: A foolhardy thief with a large sword and no common sense
Sir Timothy Smithony XVIII: A disgraced former general turned adventurer
Cade: A halfling cleric and traveling preacher
Reuben: A perceptive tiefling (cambion) fighter

The session begins when Ricky and Sir Timothy assaulted in the streets of Bellguard by the mafia, who noticed Ricky's new pistol and believed that he had taken it from one of the mafia's members. After killing one of the gangsters, the mafia leaves, swearing to "tell the boss about this".

After this incident, Ricky and Timothy talk with Cade and Reuben and join forces to adventure in the Faerie Forest. They encounter a strange cat-like creature with blades from its shoulders, which is driven away after Ricky fires his gun, scaring it off. The party then encounters a group of elves fighting some hobgoblins. The party assists the elves, who in gratitude take them to their city, called Fayshade. Along the way, Cade acquires some holy water from a magical well.

Once in Fayshade, it becomes clear that it is a police state. Elves in green uniforms called Leaf Blades oversee the city and prevent crime. It is revealed that the recently appointed High Inquisitor Alinar is running Fayshade through the Leaf Blades and is the cause of the Elf-Goblinoid war that is going on. Cade talks to a cartographer named. Though she is resistant to Alinar's regime, Tyrael cannot attempt to overthrow it alone, and attempts to recruit the party into the resistance. Cade and the others agree to think on it, and leave Fayshade to explore further.

The party encounters some green-eyed dancing elves, who offer them wine. The party declines, and is forced out of the clearing. After exploring further, the party finds a small ruin inhabited by kobolds. After some fighting, the kobolds are intimidated into giving two thirds of their gold to Ricky. The remaining 100 GP is left to the kobolds.

After their excursion to the Faerie Forest, the party moves back into the Black Spires, where they encounter a gibbering humanoid. The humanoid is aggressive, and slain by Ricky after wounding Cade. The party progresses further into the Black Spires before reaching the entrance to a ruin...

Session ends at 9:31 PM

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