Monday, March 6, 2017

Some Magic Items I Made In Middle School

So I've been cleaning out my room, and found a single scrap of paper with a list of times for purchase at an adventuring shop. This was for an all d6 system I was developing back in middle school, but on the back of the page were some magical weapons and armor. They seem roughly compatible with the OSR, so here they are, in the order they were written, with both the original text and a modern look at their mechanics.

"Dual Swords Of Whirlwinds 150 GP: When attacking you move an extra 6 and can go into enemy spaces. You can attack those enemies and if you hit roll 2d6 for damage. That number is also how far they get pushed in the direction of your choice"

I seem to have been using the squares system of movement used during the 4th edition of D&D for this game. The idea of a pair of swords that turn their wielder into a tornado is interesting, though difficult to explain mechanically, as shown by these strange rules. Notice also the cheap cost of the weapon! It looks like this system had a very deflated economy.

"Sword Of Everflame 30 GP: 2d6 damage and the target takes 1 damage each turn for 1d6 turns"

A classic flaming sword with a pretentious name. Interesting how its called the sword of "everflame", implying the flame never burns out. Does this mean the sword is constantly on fire? Because the flame seems to not burn forever when it hits an enemy, as it only lasts 1d6 turns.

"Bow Of Banishment (ranged) 50 GP: 2d6 damage and the target is removed from play for 1d6 turns. (once per battle)"

This item seems to have taken some inspiration from either Magic: The Gathering, or Yugi-Oh! and I can't remember which one. One of those games had a mechanic where a card could be put "out of play"; i.e. unable to be resurrected from the graveyard or interacted with in any way. This bow seems to use that mechanic as a basis.

"Sword Of Speediness 30 GP: 1d6 damage, and you can move 1d6 after attacking."

This weapon seems fairly useful tactically. It allows the wielder to strike and repeat in the same action, which is a powerful ability. It reminds me of Tucker's kobolds a little bit.

"Armor Of Vengeance 60 GP: +4 AC and when an enemy attacks and hits you, you take half the damage and the enemy takes the other half"

I can't help but imagine this armor is emblazoned with the symbol of a porcupine or hedgehog, or maybe just covered in magical glowing spikes. Its a very neat set of armor, though it does seem a tad overpowered.

Revised Magic Items

Because some of these items are genuinely interesting, I've decided to update them for OSR games.

Dual Swords Of Whirlwind
These swords resemble ordinary shortswords, dealing 1d6 damage in normal combat. However, when a wielder holds one of these swords in each hand and spins around like a dancer, they temporarily transform into an air-elemental like being for 1d6 rounds. While in this state, they can move through cracks in walls and doors, fly in the air at their speed, and are incorporeal for the purposes of combat. In addition, anyone who comes into contact with the wielder while in this whirlwind state must save versus Dragon Breath or take 1d6 damage. This ability can only be used twice per day normally, and if used a third time, the swords permanently lose their magic.

Sword Of Everflame
This longsword is constantly aflame, though the hilt is protected. Like a normal longsword, it deals 1d8 damage in combat, but also has a 50% of setting any creature it hits on fire (with obvious realistic limits of course). If set on fire, the creature will continue to take 1d4 damage per round until they put out the fire somehow. The sword comes with a scabbard which is the only way to temporarily put out the sword's flame.

Bow Of Banishment
This shortbow appears to be of halfling make, and is bright blue in color. When fired at a living creature, the victim ceases to exist for 1d6 rounds before reappearing in the exact location it disappeared. The bow's ability can only be used once per day, otherwise it functions as a regular shortbow dealing 1d6 damage.

Sword Of Speediness
This shortsword deals 1d6 damage as per normal, but whenever the sword draws blood, its wielder may make another movement action.

Armor Of Vengeance
This set of chainmail grants the same armor bonus as normal (+4 or -4 depending on whether using ascending or descending armor class), but when a wearer of this armor is injured by another creature, the attacker takes 1/2 the total damage that it dealt. The armor's wearer still takes the full damage.

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