Sunday, June 11, 2017

Session One Of A Game Run Through Discord

Our heroes for this evening were:
De the dragonborn thief
Lettuce the elf magic-user
Gnakia the gnome ranger
Jicama the half-orc bard

The party enters the Pink Rose bar, the only tavern in the town of Halfway, to meet with Spengis. Spengis is an ex-wizard whose bird familiar lives in his hat and finishes his sentences. He has put up a poster asking for adventurers to clear out a gnomish mansion full of bandits.

After a brief argument about payment, Alexa, the bar’s owner, steps in and threatens to cut the heads off of anybody who starts a fight in her bar. Gnakia persuades Alexa that they meant know harm, and using her charms convinces Spengis to raise the payment from 50 GP each to 55 GP each.

Spengis tells the party the history of the mansion, saying that “A while back some gnomish aristocrat named Bert had the brilliant idea of constructing a mansion on a necromancer’s property. Well, when the necromancer came on back to find some bearded bourgeousie having stolen his land, he was quite peeved. He slaughtered all the people inside, and buried the mansion by transmuting the rock beneath it into mud. Finally, the poor bastards were cursed to remain in the mansion forever afterwards as ghosts. It’s a shame really, old Bert threw some great parties.”

The party heads over to the mansion after Spengis gives them a map. The first room they enter is full of gnomish ghosts dancing in an undead ball, along with 5 bandits. After a quick skirmish, 1 of the bandits is killed with a magic missile and the other 4 are electrified by De’s lightning breath. 

The party continues East, only to encounter a bathroom containing a ghost, yelling at the party to leave him alone so he can put his clothes on. De finds 50 GP in the gnome’s skeleton’s pocket.

The party heads North and finds a beautiful golden chandelier. It falls on De, wounding her, and Lettuce casts enlarge person in order to make De strong enough to carry it. 

Session ends at 9:35

Memorable Quotes From This Session:
"One of them halfheartedly tries to stab you but is laughing too hard."
"Can I stabby stabby one of them?
"They're laughing at you and then they're not laughing at you because their organs are falling out."
"What are you going to do with the chandelier?" "I eat it."

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