Thursday, June 22, 2017

Session Report For A Very Quick Online One Shot Game

Our heroes for this evening were:Meme the (now level 2) half-orc barbarianA bard whose name and race escapes me (level 1)A magic user whose name also escapes me (level 2)And, you guessed it, a dwarf cleric whose name is a mystery (level 1)

The party was investigating the Weirdwood forest, a dangerous wood off the edge of town. They had heard rumors of a creature that turns its victims into stone, guarding a magical weapon. 

The party first encounters a swarm of strangely coordinated rats, feasting on the mutilated and disgusting corpse of an orc. The rats are scared off, spreading out in a perfect circle after a quick fight. As the party proceeds deeper, they find some orcs taunting a dying snake. By reflex, the magic user kills one of the orcs with a magic missile, causing a quick but deadly battle that the orcs retreat from. Meme takes the snake and tries to patch it up to health.

The party finds a pit full of green snakes after the path branches, and recover a 500 GP necklace from the pit, in addition to freeing the snake, which the cleric heals. On the same path, the party finds a stream, where they fish for two hours and gather 17 fish. 

In a nearby clearing, the party finds a green forest lion, which meme successfully tames with his barbaric charm and a fresh fish. Moving on, the party comes to a clearing full of stone statues of humanoids and other creatures. In the center of the clearing is a tree stump with a 2 handed sword stuck in it.

The cleric unsuccessfully tries to free the sword from the stump, attracting the cockatrice that guards it. The beast fights with the party’s pet lion, which remarkably manages to avoid turning to stone. The killing blow to the reptilian beast is delivered by Meme’s great axe. Meme removes the sword from the stump, finding it as light as a dagger, due to its magic. 

Cannot recall session end time.

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