Monday, July 31, 2017

Review Of Magic The Gathering: Arena Of The Planeswalkers Miniatures

So this is the first blog post in a while, I haven’t been doing too much, though I have finished a very early draft of a 2d6 based OSR dungeon crawling RPG. Comment below if you want more details/ the .pdf.
Anyway, recently I purchased the Magic The Gathering: Arena Of The Planeswalkers boardgame and all 2 of its expansions. This cost about 35 dollars (though I did get a really good deal on one expansion).For 35 dollars, I got 75 miniatures, some terrain, and some dice.Wow.The quality is pretty good, roughly equivalent to the standard D&D miniatures, which makes sense, given that both games are made by the same company.

These are the planeswalker miniatures, the only painted figures. Some would make good PCs (mostly magic users) and a couple work well as NPCs or monsters. I particularly like the mermaid and werewolf miniatures, as well as the brown robed fellow with the translucent blue flame.

Here we see these 3 rhino people. They’re the few miniatures I probably won’t get as much use out of, but they could work well for other humanoids or perhaps beastfolk. 

These nature elementals (I think thats what they’re called) make incredible shambling mounds or even Earth elementals. I’m gonna get some use out of these.

These phoenixes would make great firebats or fire elementals. They would work well as an imp or other familiar as well.

The werewolves and crossbow folks here come from the Shadows Of Innistrad expansion, and if I recall correctly the crossbowmen turn into werewolves according to the rules. I think they work better as monster hunters though, and would probably make pretty good PC miniatures.

I don’t have any idea what these things are, but I’m assuming they are some kind of undead. They would also work well as half-ogres, or just large orcs.

These guys are vampires, but they also would work well as cultists or bandits. My least favorite is the one with the weird headdress, though she could make an okay druid I suppose.

These things are hellhounds or hellcats I believe, and although their bases are a bit weird, they should work well for D&D. The bases on these guys are really bendy.

This enormous miniature (seriously I think its the biggest gaming miniature I own) is an Eldrazi ruiner, some sort of terrifying eldritch horror. It would make a good shoggoth, or perhaps a demon of some kind.

These 3 folks are also vampires I think. They would make good town guards or bandits.

Goblins. I love these guys, I only wish I had more of them.

An angel on the left and some guy with two swords and davinci style wings on the right. Both very awesome.

These 3 would make excellent thieves or treasure hunters.

These inquisitors are the main reason I bought this set. They make excellent clerics or cultists, and all of them are excellent PC miniatures.

Eldrazi Scions, strange little tentacled horrors. I think they’d make very nice carrion crawlers, or any sort of weird tentacled beasty.

These 3 translucent blue guys would make excellent cultists or magic users.

Skeletons! Or zombies. Either one. They are good wights as well.

I have no idea what these things are but they give off an alien vibe. Would probably work well as either mutants or interdimensional monsters. If you're running a game in the Warhammer universe, they'd make good Tzeentch Daemons.

2 ghosts and a guy that looks like a steampunk ghostbuster/mad scientist. The ghosts might get some use as wraiths or other incorporeal undead, but I'm not sure about the scientist fellow.

5 elves. Pretty standard stuff, but would be useful for PCs or elf soldiers.

A mad prophet, some sort of water mage, and an undead with armor. The prophet would be very good as a magic user, I can see the water mage fellow being a monk, and the undead guy could be anything from a wight to a death knight.

Finally, we have these cultists. I love these guys because two of them have lanterns. They’d work equally well for PCs or villains.All in all, I think I made a good purchase. For 35 bucks I got enough minis to run an entire campaign, though a dragon mini would have been nice. I highly recommend these to anyone who needs a lot of cheap miniatures.