Sunday, August 27, 2017

2d6hack Playtest Session One

Our heroes and hirelings for this evening are:

Job, a wizard
Grog, a warrior
Richard Dicky, a crazed hireling with a scalpel
Bartholomew, an NPC wizard who assisted the party
Bert, the hireling and friend of Bartholomew the occultist

The heroes found themselves in the Shattered Lands, an ashy waste dotted with subterranean vaults. A new dungeon had recently been discovered, and the party decided to investigate and search for treasure, hiring a shady individual named Richard Dicky for assistance.

They descended into the tunnels and found themselves face to face with 3 albino wolves. During a fierce combat, one of the wolves is slain and the other two flee, and Richard Dicky meets his untimely demise. The survivors find a small stash of coins hidden behind some loose bricks in the wall, and retreat back to the surface to nurse their wounds.

After purchasing some armor and joining forces with Bartholomew and Bert, and occultist and his servant, they once more enter the dungeon, where they encounter a single walking corpse, which is promptly slain. Heading west, the group discovers a room with a red and black checkerboard pattern on the floor and spikes on the ceiling, from which the corpse of one of the wolves that fled is dangling. They quickly determine the nature of the trap, and manage to avoid the spikes by stepping only on the black squares.

Continuing onward, the party finds a small bookshelf along with a reading desk. Bartholomew finds a scroll of disguise and pockets it. The party continues to move west, and enter a room filled with art and two statues.

Job and Grog are cautious, but Bartholomew orders Bert to pick up a small sculpture. Immediately, the two statues spring to life, attacking Bert. Bert flees, breaking his shield to avoid being smashed, but one of the statues catches up to him and snaps his leg in half, exposing bone. Bert passes out from shock, and Grog fires his pistol at one of the statues, blowing a chunk out of its head. Bartholomew and Job both fire magical bursts of energy at the statues, Job knocks off one of the statue’s arms, and Bartholomew decimates one’s leg, which causes it to fall on top of Bert, smashing his skull. The party then flees.

The party heads south, finding a room with a magical circle containing a skeleton and a gem. Grog smashes the skeleton with his war hammer, being careful to stay outside of the circle, before knocking the gem out of the circle by throwing his now empty pistol at it.

Going through a western door, the adventurers find a room covered with debris and rubble that covers the floor. They carefully prod at the debris, which causes a spike to shoot out of the floor. Fortunately, nobody was harmed, but they decide to retreat anyway. 

The party heads back to the entrance room, and heads north, finding an armory. Grog replaces his shield that he broke in a previous combat, and Job picks up a shield and some rusted swords to sell. Continuing north, the floor collapses, causing Job to be injured. The cautiously continue on, encountering a group of 6 goblins. They manage to scare off the goblins, and kill 2 of them. Following this encounter, the party heads back to town and sells off their loot.

End of Session

Kill Counter

Richard Dicky - Bitten to death by a wolf
Bert - Leg snapped and skull shattered by living statue

Notes From Players Regarding System

  • Fun for the most part, ran smoothly
  • Combat could get somewhat dull at times due to the bell curve of 2d6 combat

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