Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cheap Miniature Roundup!

I’m on a roll of making miniature posts! This post is gonna be about custom minis that I’ve made, ranging from repaints to me sticking a toy on a plastic coin and calling it a day.

I bought a pack of 36 “guardian knights” on amazon, made by toysmith. They have some good molds and as you can see are almost in scale with standard miniatures. They costed about 9 bucks.

Here is an ogre/hill giant and a troll, both made from figures from a Lord of the Rings chess set. I haven’t used them much, but they look pretty good in my opinion.

This is a spider-person, which I made using a cheap spider toy, the torso of an “alien warrior” party favor (more of those later), and the head of an Aliens toy. I painted the whole thing purple with black for the weapons.

This weird looking figure is based on a demon from the Appendix M blog, and mostly made from a xenomorph figure.

On the left is an old toy skeleton I had that I painted up. Its quite a bit bigger than the standard D&D skeleton on the right, but it could work as an undead giant of some kind.

Velociraptors (technically deinonychus if we’re being scientific) make very good lizard people, or just dinosaurs. One of them has a Warhammer 40k choppa.

Blob wizards from when I tried to use modeling clay. Maybe they’re some weird kind of ooze.

A painfully badly made dragon on the far left, and some half-decent Earth elementals on the right, all made from modeling clay.

These are the “alien warriors” party favors I mentioned earlier. I use them as goblins or orcs. Theres also a picture of one of them being compared to a pathfinder orc, reaper orc, and a WOTC goblin.

This blobby miniature was a failed attempt at making an elder thing. Oh well.

Ninjas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not much else to say here honestly.

I love these skeletons, though I had to replace the bulbous heads for some of them to look vaguely realistic. 

I haven’t modified this in any way, its just something I found in a toob set a while back, and it looks great.

2 crab men and a spider with a skull for its butt. 

These demons were made by chopping off the “alien warrior” heads and replacing them with the left over skulls from the skeletons. I then glued some horns/antennae to their heads and painted them red.

Finally some dragons, bought for extremely low prices and glued to bases, as well as today’s Drax miniature next to a pathfinder orc for scale.

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