Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dreamblade Miniatures

Guess who just got some new miniatures in the mail? Well, probably a lot of people, but also me! I got a Dreamblade starter set off of eBay, and have decided to show off what I got.

Here is the Doomball, next to a D&D paladin on the left. This is one of the few miniatures I’ll get almost no use out of, he’s just a bit too boring and modern. Might be good for a sci fi game though.

The Rune Tagged Brawler, I think is what this guy is called. He has really crappy feet, which I messed up even more after I cut him off of his base and put him on a 28mm one. Oh well. He’d probably be good as a golem (not the boring living statue D&D ones, the kind from Jewish folklore).

The faceless stalker is a very good miniature, and would work well as a faerie or doppelgänger. Her paint job leaves something to be desired, but she is quite a usable figure.

The Boneclaw Hunter is a nice sculpt, but I’m not sure what to use him for. He’s a bit too monstrous looking for a PC, due to his sharp teeth and weird boils on his arm, but not nasty looking enough to be a half-orc in my opinion. He could work alright as a cave man perhaps, or someone possessed by a demon. 

The All Seeing Mage has faces on his hands and no proper head. He would work okay as a cult leader.

I absolutely love this miniature. The Savannah Dreamhunter is a really good PC miniature, and would work especially well for a Spears of the Dawn campaign. I like him a lot and I hope I’ll get a chance to use him some time.

I’m torn about this miniature. It’s a nice enough sculpt, but its hard to discern exactly what it is, but that could be a good thing if it was used as a sort of Lovecraftian abomination.

A samurai! I don’t have a use for him at the moment, but he is really cool.

This big ol’ demon thing would work well as a troll or ogre, so he’s a pretty useful miniature.

I think this guy is either a badger or a raccoon in armor, and he would be an okay stand in for a dwarf character.

The Mirrorman figure is the same on both sides; he has two heads, 4 arms, and 4ish legs. He’s a bit modern for D&D, but would work well for other games.

This figure is called a Dreamstuff Entity and it looks almost like a gibbering mouther or a protoshoggoth. 

Shark fin. Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever use this miniature.

The Jack Of Blades is an amazing figure, he’d work well as a nazgul, ghost, cultist, serial killer, or a Nightvalian hooded figure! I am so happy I got this guy.

This fellow is called an Ardent Zungar, which I assume probably means something in the lore of the game, but to me he looks like a 50s movie monster. He’d be good for a gamma world game, a modern sci fi scenario, or even a D&D game, as anything from an alien to a lizard man.

This isn’t so much a monster as it is dungeon dressing. Its called the Gateway To Psychosis, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it but I love it a lot.

Heres a photo after I rebased a few of them. As you can see, they look extremely good next to the paladin.

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  1. Kitbash the ones that are boring into something less boring! ; )