Thursday, August 31, 2017

Setting Idea I Came Up With At 11:15 PM

You and your party members woke up in a town. The town is old, but it is new, there is a mixture of architecture spanning centuries, but it is almost all crumbling and abandoned. Monsters lurk in the ruins, strange and terrifying.

Your comrades seem to come from different worlds. One is a dwarf out of norse legend, yet another is a World War One submarine captain. The monsters in the town don't seem to make sense, they act more like puppets piloted by some unseen entity than real creatures, scary masks worn by a hidden force.

You can find gold coins, all minted with the same pattern, all seemingly brand new. There are settlements of scavengers throughout the town, and in each settlement is a merchant, covered in black cloth. If you give a merchant gold coins, they will give you something in return.

Do you find out the secrets of the town? Or do you merely want to escape? Do you wish to conquer the various tribes that live in this strange place? The choice is yours.

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