Monday, September 18, 2017

Brain Fart 1

Where did these organisms come from????

Trees are:

The veins of the universe, and the reason why magic works

Really slow squid

Slow flowing liquid that disobeys the laws of gravity and goes upwards

Giants that fell asleep and never woke up (at least the really old trees are)

Goblins are:

Big frogs with swords

Halfings' shittier cousins

The evil thoughts of humanity brought to life in the rapidly regenerating bodies of stillborn infants

Weird people shaped things that form out of nasty holes in the ground

Monkeys that got too smart and now they kill people

Dragons are:

Lizards that drank demon blood and now they're big

The personifications of greed

what happens when you accumulate too much wealth and don't spend it

War machines from an ancient age

Apes are:

False men, monkeys evolved to look like children so they can sneak around by night.

What humans become if exposed to a strange disease.

The devolved creators of humanity, who came to Earth thousands of years ago.

Cats are:

The eyes and ears of faeries, they use them to keep watch on humanity

The reincarnated souls of wizards and witches

Minor deities

Chimeras and manticores and other monsters made from bits and pieces of other animals are:

The result of teleporter malfunctions a la the fly

A bunch of animals sewn together by scientists/mad wizards

The kids of people who reproduced with demons or faeries

Dreams given form

Oozes and slimes are:

All the fluids in the human body that refuse to die and just keep living

Swarms of tiny, tiny, gnomes

God got stabbed and his blood became ooze


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