Monday, September 4, 2017

DIY 30 Day 4

4. Make a monster based on your deepest fear

Mimics are demonic creatures which can assume the form of another creature. Usually, these beasts' main goals are the acquisition of more biomass, but some of the more intelligent ones gain a sick pleasure in imitating their victims.

One individual, known as the Perpetrator, usually takes the form of a well respected member of a community. This person may be a king, a baron, or even a somewhat popular artist, the Perpetrator does not care. While using this person's shape, the Perpetrator commits a crime of some kind. The crime the Perpetrator commits varies depending on who they are mimicking. For example, if the Perpetrator was disguised as a famously chaste holy man, the creature may go visit a brothel and make its presence obvious. If the Perpetrator's victim was a outspoken pacifist, it would kill someone violently in public.

After committing the crime, the Perpetrator slinks into the shadows to watch the conflict. It will plant evidence that its victim was really at the scene of the crime, making it seem like its victim is guilty without any doubt. When its victim's reputation is finally ruined beyond repair, the Perpetrator sneaks into their house in the middle of the night and kills them, absorbing their biomass and leaving behind a suicide note to make it seem like their victim killed themselves in some way that would destroy the body.

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