Tuesday, September 12, 2017

DIY 30 Days 10, 11, and 12

I gotta catch up on this so here is another post.

10. What is beyond the wall?

Beyond the walls of the Great City, the world is divided into petty fiefdoms, each ruled by a lord. These self appointed rulers often give themselves ludicrously grandiose titles, regardless of how much land they may actually control. For example, a man that calls himself "The Gold Crowned Emperor Of Laurencia" may actually only control 5 square miles of land and rule over a hundred people.

Monsters roam the countryside, with goblins, faeries, dragons and worse killing at will. Most "kingdoms" have a small militia, but few are really capable of standing up to the monsters. Thus, adventurers and monster hunters are almost always needed. 

11. Why is the stone circle on the hill broken?

The stone circle on the hill was once a kind of temple or church, used by ancient people for worship. However, long ago these people angered the fae, and were slaughtered by them. All that remains of their culture is the broken stone circle and the goblin haunted catacombs beneath.

Sometimes some teenagers go up on the hill for a dare, and usually come back okay. Those that don't come back are killed by goblins, or worse; taken alive into their lair.

12. What is there to do when stationed on an interstellar lighthouse?

If you're lucky you can get yourself an omnicube, a recording device containing all public domain human media. That should keep you occupied for a while, but they cost quite a bit. Alternatively, you could always listen to the subspace radio, keep up on galactic politics. The reception tends to be a bit crap, due to the lighthouse's small receiver, but you can occasionally pick stuff up. Another option is black market drugs. Buying hallucinogens from other planets can be a bit of a stress on your wallet, but the results can be truly breathtaking.

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