Sunday, September 3, 2017

DIY 30 Days 2 and 3

2. Whats a campaign you would love to play in, but nobody is running?

Completely gonzo genre mash up. All the different universes and time periods have smashed together into one weird physically impossible mess. Giant crashed spaceships controlled by goblins, World War 1 soldiers riding tyrannosaurs, armies of zombie dwarves with machine guns, that sort of thing. Characters could be made using any sort of race/class combination from anything in the OSR, as long as it was vaguely balanced. An adventuring party could be composed of an elf, a mutant, a deep one hybrid, a gray alien cleric, and an 18th century pirate, so long as the classes were all OSR.

3. How can a monster harm a character in a new and unusual way?

If this monster touches you your bones grow longer. At first its just uncomfortable, but as the thing caresses and pokes you more and more you can feel your bones begin to pierce through your fingertips.

If this continues for long enough, your ribs curve into your lungs and your spinal column stabs through your brain, killing you painfully.

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