Monday, September 11, 2017

DIY 30 Days 8 and 9

Sorry, I've been busy for the past couple of days and haven't been able to post. Anyway, here is what I wrote for the DIY RPG meme for days 8 and 9.

8. ¨Mommy, what are tooth faeries like, and what do they do with all the teeth?¨

Faeries are weird and highly varied creatures. Some try to categorize them into different types, like brownies, dwarves, elves, and gnomes, but these categories aren't exactly correct or logical. Its like how medieval scholars thought barnacles were a kind of bird, humans just get things wrong about them. Changelings (the more human faeries that get dumped with people because they're annoying and fleshy and talk funny), like the playable halflings, dwarves, and elves, are the most consistent kind of faerie, but others are more nebulous and confusing.

In any case, sometimes faeries just take kids' teeth. If you're lucky, its when the tooth is about to fall out anyway, but if not, they could always just whisper some magic words with their false tongues and make your kid's teeth fall out like raindrops. Just pray they don't try to make them grow more teeth back.
Table of what faeries did with your teeth (Roll 1d12)

  1. They planted them into the ground and grew a new You, which they took deep into the blackest woods and ate. 
  2. They made magical swords from your teeth, beautiful ivory blades forged from the molars of countless children. These swords are extremely deadly, and are said to be the only way to kill one of the more powerful faerie lords. 
  3. They ate them. They have vast feasts in the forest, beautiful pointy eared delicate creatures munching and crunching on the stolen bone of children. 
  4. They made bone knuckles. They´re like brass knuckles but they´re made with teeth. 
  5. The teeth are used for some unspeakable purpose in faerie reproduction. 
  6. The faeries make protective wards against goblins with them. They will not acknowledge that they make these wards. 
  7. They give them to trees so the trees have mouths. The trees that are given mouths realize they´re alive and get up and start killing things. 
  8. Dentures. Look, even faeries get old, over aeons. 
  9. They're used as a building material for the smaller faeries. 
  10. The faeries have tiny little hermit crab-like creatures that they keep as pets, and they use teeth as homes for these pets. 
  11. They've thrown them down a hole and don´t talk about it. Do not ask them what its for. 
  12. Faeries like to put them in the mouths of wolves to freak out hunters when they find wolves with grinning human teeth. 

9. Who rules the deepest sea floor?

The sea floor is hard to reach, requiring powerful magic or technology beyond current science. But, if one was able to walk across its surface, they would find darkness and death. The corpses of whales slowly being picked apart by scavengers, the ruins of ships moving across the sea floor, propelled by currents like winds and crewed by ghosts.

Few intelligent creatures live in this forbidding landscape, but there are the fishfolk. Also called mermaids by land dwellers, the fishfolk are humanoid creatures of varying piscoid nature. Some can change their shape, and use this ability to lure sailors to their doom. They are the unopposed rulers of the depths, and it is said that they worship a powerful demon of cursed water.

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