Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Abstract Frogs

Though the concept of a frog is based in fact, the spiritual definition of frogginess is not. There is something about frogs that is more than just simple biology, there is a sort of feeling about them.

Abstract Frogs are almost that, the spiritual echo of a frog. Being near the abstract frog makes you hear the sounds of the bog, and smell the wet mud and dirty water associated with such areas.

The Abstract Frog looks like this:

(edited photo of a frog photographed by Tanto Yensen)

Frogs come in all shapes and sizes, and as a result of this, their echo does not conform to one singular size or body shape. It can be the size of a thumbnail one instant, and as large as a human the next (giant frogs are still frogs after all).

Aside from their shape-changing ability, Abstract Frogs attack much in the same way as giant frogs, having the same combat statistics, but there is something so froggy about Abstract Frogs that anyone who is attacked by these beasts can't help but become a bit more froggy themselves.

If hit by an Abstract Frog, the unlucky victim must make a saving throw or begin to mutate into a more frog-like form. The progression is as follows:

First Hit: Eyes become larger, fingers become webbed

Second Hit: Skin becomes slightly translucent and sticky, mouth widens unnaturally large

Third Hit: Tongue elongates, skin takes a greenish hue

Fourth Hit: Transformation is completed, the victim becomes a giant frog

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