Sunday, July 29, 2018

30 Minute Dungeon Delve 14: Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Weirdest of Them All?

Idea: Magical mirror that was used to hide a wizard’s treasure, and is inhabited by bound demons in semi-human form, and the wizard’s old familiar.

Hook: A mirror has been found in an old basement of an abandoned house, and its been claimed that there is movement that can be seen inside out of the corner of one’s eyes. Through some legal strangeness, one of the player characters inherits the mirror.


1. This room resembles the room that the mirror is placed in, but reversed. Writing is backwards, furniture is on the wrong side of the room, etc. (Any door in the room that was in the original room leads to somewhere else in the dungeon, not the original location. If there is no door in the room that the mirror is placed in, one is created, thus making the reflection obviously magical.)

2. The floor is a mosaic, depicting a snake slithering over some grass whose head leads to the entrance door and whose tail leads to the exit door. Otherwise, the room appears to be completely empty. (If one walks only where the snake is depicted, they will be fine. However, the rest of the room is full of tiny wires, capable of tearing someone to shreds in seconds if one walks into them like a cheese grater.)

3. There is a table and some chairs attached to the ceiling, and there is a door there as well. The ceiling is approximately 5 meters off the ground. (Every 3 rounds, gravity in this room switches, causing anyone who isn’t holding on to something to fall “up” and take damage.)

4. Various chests and boxes float in the air, bobbing up and down slightly. A large, iron chest floats about 6 meters off the ground, above all the rest. (All the other chests and boxes are empty, but the iron chest contains many gold coins.)

5. The room is dusty, with an old writing desk and piles of books written in unknown languages. On the desk is a silver cage, containing a small red humanoid with horns, a tail, and bat-like wings. (The creature in the cage is an Imp named Malach. The imp has been trapped in the mirror dimension for years due to the enchanted cage, and is desperate to be free. He will do three services for whoever frees him, and the key to his cage is in the desk. He can give a vague history of the dungeon, saying it was created by his “former master” to store treasure, though he will claim this master is now long dead.)

6. The room is full of nude wooden mannequins, all in various poses. Anyone who enters this room feels as though they are being watched by something inhuman, and can almost hear a faint breathing. (Some of the mannequins are alive, and will silently try to move their way closer to the party and attack while they aren’t looking, blending in with the other mannequins.)

7. The ceiling of this room seems to go up for miles. On the walls are various paintings, all of which seem to change if one looks away. In a glass case in the center of the room is a blue pointed hat with stars sewn into it. (If the hat is worn, the wearer may change their physical appearance once per day into that of any humanoid. This effect lasts until the sunset.)

8. Crawling around on the walls and ceiling are giant cockroaches with infant faces, chittering mindlessly with their eyes closed. (If enough noise is made, the roaches’ eyes open, revealing black voids, and they attack, screaming in deep voices.)

9. The room is an elaborately decorated and fancy bedroom, with an open window looking out into the void of outer space. (Despite the window into the void, there is air in this room. If one looks around, they can find a chest containing some jewelry, as well as a coin purse on the bed.)

10. There are some mirrors on the wall. Each one, regardless of where a character actually is, contains the reflection of a player character with their eyes gouged out, looking ahead and smiling blankly. In the center of the room is a chest locked with chain. (If the chest or the mirrors are touched, the mirrors shatter and the mirror images of the characters step out and attack, saying anything the player characters say backwards. The chest contains gold and jewelry.)

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