Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Converting "standard" OSR to D6 Dungeon Crawl

Conversion Notes

Converting Standard OSR Monsters to D6 Dungeon Crawl
HP = Hit Dice divided by 3
AP = AC -10 if ascending AC, 10 – AC if descending AC
DMG = if 1d4 or lower change to 1d3. If 1d6 to 1d8 chance to 1d6. If 1d10, change to 1d6+1. If 1d12, change to 2d6.

D6 Dungeon Crawl doesn’t have spells by default, but one could convert spells into magical items available for purchase for 500 coins per spell level that can be used once per day.

Ability Scores/Stats Conversion
D6 Dungeon Crawl does not have mental stats such as Charisma, Intelligence, and Wisdom, so those must be rolled to be determined if converting to a new system, or chosen by the game master. Otherwise, the following table can be used.

D6 Dungeon Crawl Value Standard OSR Value
0 11
1 13
2 17
3 18

Saving Throws
When an effect requires a character to make a saving throw/save, have them make a Challenge Roll to avoid the effect instead, with advantage/disadvantage as makes sense.

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