Friday, July 27, 2018

Some Rituals

Components: The body (or whats left of it) of whoever is being resurrected, a fertilized and unhatched chicken’s egg, a mixture of strange herbs and powders costing 5000 coins.
Time: 1 day
Effect: At the end of the ritual, roll 1d6 and check below to see what occurred.

1. The character being resurrected erupts fully formed and alive out of someone performing the ritual’s stomach, killing them instantly.

2. The body comes back to life, in whatever state it started in, but with the full intelligence of the character who died. They start with half their original maximum hit points, and cannot heal wounds naturally. The only way for them to regain HP is to consume human flesh. As long as the resurrected consumes at least a pound of fresh human flesh each day, they can regain 1d6 HP.

3. The body burns from the inside in a flash of light, and the chicken egg hatches to reveal a small and deformed fetus. The fetus will grow to the size of an adult over the course of 1d6 weeks, whereupon it will assume the form and intelligence of the character who is being resurrected.

4. The body heals itself magically and comes back to life, but is severely drained from the experience. To represent this, the character is resurrected at first level.

5. The body of the person being resurrected fixes itself and heals magically into a new body, with completely different features. The intelligence, skills, and levels of the character in question stay the same, but age, sex, and race can change.

6. The body of the person being resurrected fixes itself and heals magically, bringing back the character perfectly healthy and alive. However, the character has been tasked with a quest by a higher power, and unless the quest is completed in 1 month, the character will rapidly decay back into a corpse and die.

Flesh and Soul Combined
Components: Two living human bodies, a mixture of hallucinogenic drugs costing 1000 coins, a human skeleton
Time: 1 hour
Effect: The two humans involved in the ritual collapse into a mass of blood and tissue which begins to undulate and move towards the skeleton, surrounding it in a chrysalis that rapidly hardens. After 1d6 days, the chrysalis opens, revealing a fully grown adult with features of the two original humans, and the combined intellect of both. The resulting creature adds the two original characters’ stats and HP together, resulting in a more powerful being than before. There is a 1 in 6 chance that the ritual fails halfway through, resulting in a horrendously mutated monster with a mismatch of limbs and organs. The monster has the combined stats and HP of the two human bodies, but is violent due to constant pain and has no intelligence beyond that needed to hunt down and kill normal humans.

Unerring Stones
Components: Around 20 or so small stones
Time: 10 minutes
Effect: After the chanting and praying is complete, 1d6-1 (minimum 0) stones will glow. These stones have been enchanted, and are now magical weapons. If thrown, no attack roll is made, they automatically hit, and deal 1d3 damage directly to HP, ignoring any armor. The stones only remain magical for 24 hours, and the ritual can be cast only once per day.

Crossing the Veil of Worlds
Components: 50 coins worth of incense and candles, a willing participant, and a rare flower from the East that costs 1000 coins on the open market
Time: 30 minutes
Effect: The participant’s mind is drawn out of their body and given a form in the realm of spirits and shades. While this occurs, the body is essentially in a coma, and will remain this way until the mind reenters the body. In this state, they can interact with ethereal beings that are normally beyond the view of humans, and are intangible; they may move through solid objects. In addition, the participant’s mind-body is invisible and makes no sound to humans, animals like cats and some birds can still perceive it. If the participant’s physical body dies while the mind has exited, they are trapped in the spirit realm forever.

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