Wednesday, August 29, 2018

B/X Binders

So, a couple months ago I was given a set of old role playing game books, including a gamma world adventure, and the basic and expert rule books. I kept those 3 items, the rest were given to a friend.

However, these books were in tatters, they had clearly been loved and used often, and I was fearful of using these books at the table, as they could fall apart at a moments notice. But then I had an idea!

May I present to you; my B/X binders.

I cut away the binding (it was falling apart anyway) and took the individual pages and put them in page protectors. Some pages were missing, so I printed out what I needed to complete the books.

In one case, I also added an additional page. In the binder I use for the basic rules, I added this one page add-on from Sine Nomine that details rules for playing with a single player and DM.

The expert rule book was missing significantly more than the basic rules, I even had to print out the title page!

In the end, I'm proud of what I managed to pull off. The binders are sturdy and portable, making it easy for me to transport safely to a convention or friend's house.

B/X was the first version of D&D I ever read, and it will always have a special place in my heart, now it has a special place on my shelves as well.

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