Friday, August 31, 2018

Condensing Ravenloft Part 10: Markovia, AKA Not the Island of Doctor Moreau

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(Image taken from The Island of Doctor Moreau)

  • Ruled by Frantisek Markov, the beast lord.
  • No towns, but there are crude huts built by beast-folk.
  • The beast-folk who live here are “made” by Markov, through a combination of surgery and injections.
  • Anyone who intrudes on Markovia will be taken by beast-folk to be transformed into their own by Markov.
  • The Beast-folk believe Markov to be a god.
  • For unknown reasons, Vistani are spared by the beast-folk.
  • If Markov wants to seal the borders, he can cause storms and the sea to rise.

NPCs of Markovia

Frantisek Markov
  • Called Diosamblet (the god who walks among us), by the beast-folk.
  • Called the Master of Pain by the Vistani.
  • Believes that intruders are gifts from the dark powers, to be used as parts.

Monsters of Markovia
  • Beast-folk
  • Giant spiders

(Note: I find it odd that both Hazlan and Markovia feature evil scientists who turn people into monsters. While in the original text of Hazlan, the monsters created are "mongrelmen", not beast-folk, in practice the monsters are almost the exact same. I do like the twist in Markovia of the beast-folk being originally human, as opposed to originally being animals, as in the Island of Doctor Moreau.)

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