Thursday, August 23, 2018

Condensing Ravenloft Part 2: Borca

  • Ruled by 2 bickering darklords, Ivana Boritsi and Ivan Dilisnya, who are constantly trying to poison each other to no avail.
  • Bribery is required for most rights, including passing on roads safely, keeping food produced on a farm, and protection. The government is more like several gangs of mafia.
  • 5 large settlements are Ilvin (4000 people), Lechberg (5,500 people), Levkarest (8,500 people), Sturben (2000 people), and Vor Ziyden (1000 people).
  • Ivana dwells in Levkarest, near hot springs, while Ivan lives near the Northern border near Lechberg.
  • Anyone who drinks something from Borca is trapped there, the beverage acting as a poison as soon as they leave the borders of the domain, killing them in a matter of minutes unless they return.
  • There is extreme wealth inequality, and most people are poor.

NPCs of Borca

Ivana Boritsi
  • Called the Black Widow by natives.
  • Her kiss is poisonous and deadly.

Ivan Dilisnya
  • Enforces the laws.
  • Either less powerful than Ivana or simply doesn’t care as much about power.

Nostalia Romaine
  • Undead creature appearing as a beautiful woman.
  • Her touch is deadly.

Monsters of Borca
  • Giant Spiders
  • Lycanthropes
  • Ghosts
  • Giant Rats

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