Saturday, August 25, 2018

Condensing Ravenloft Part 4: Dementlieu

  • Lord-governer is Marcel Guignol, but is secretly controlled by the hypnotist Dominic d’Honaire, who serves as his advisor.
  • Guignol has 4 other advisors, who are also controlled by Dominic.
  • Law enforced by militia.
  • Port-a-Lucine is a port village in Parnault Bay. There is a trade village called Chateaufaux on the Eastern border.
  • If d’Honaire wishes, he can make it impossible to leave the domain, making it so that no matter what direction one goes, they always go further into Dementlieu.
  • Lower classes oppressed and treated as slave labor.


Marcel Guignol
  • Puppet of d’Honaire, barely conscious.

Dominic d’Honaire
  • Controls the governor, and most of the population to a lesser extent.
  • Obsessed with control.

Rudolph von Aubrecker
  • Disembodied brain, removed by Dr. Mordenheim from Lamordia.
  • Wants to take control of Dementlieu and undo d’Honaire’s mental control of the population.

Monsters of Dementlieu
  • Occasionally raided by fish-folk.
  • Sea serpents.

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