Monday, August 27, 2018

Condensing Ravenloft Part 6: Forlorn

  • Ruled by Tristen ApBlanc, a vampire/ghost.
  • Domain is overrun with goblins.
  • There are no villages or other settlements in the domain, only Castle Tristennoira.
  • There is a lake called the Lake of Red Tears, which supposedly is full of sea monsters.
  • Sometimes, those that attempt to leave Forlorn become paralyzed.
  • There are a few groups of druids who live in the woods, hated by Tristen.

NPCs of Forlorn

Tristan ApBlanc
  • By day is a vampire, but at night transforms into a ghost.
  • Cannot leave Castle Tristenoira.
  • Wants to escape Ravenloft.
  • Mentally controls the goblins in his domain.

Monsters of Forlorn
  • Goblins
  • Zombie wolves
  • Ghosts in Castle Tristenoira
  • Sea Serpents in the Lake of Red Tears

Note: This is one of the domains which has been modified a little bit to fit my blogs. In the original write-up of this domain, Tristen is a “vampyre” and not a vampire. This is essentially the same creature, just not undead. In addition, the goblins used to be “goblyns”, again essentially the same creature but with 4+4 hit dice instead of 1-1.

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