Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Condensing Ravenloft Part 8: Kartakass, the Land of Singing and Wolves

  • Ruled by Harkon Lukas, a werewolf.
  • Lukas is known as a bard, and is treated with respect. Not many people know he is a werewolf, and even fewer people know he is a darklord.
  • Each village is ruled by a meistersinger, a singing mayor who sets the rules and acts as law enforcement.
  • Meistersingers are elected by storytelling and singing contests.
  • Largest settlement is called Skald (population 2,000), second largest is Harmonia (population 1,500).
  • Culture is based almost entirely around song and singing.
  • If Lukas wants the border closed, he can make is so a magical lullaby makes any who try to leave fall asleep.

NPCs of Kartakass

Harkon Lukas
  • Is a werewolf, but this is known to few.
  • His own daughter (Akriel Lukas), attempted to hill him with the help of Dr. Dominiani and Duke Gundar.
  • He has an illegitimate son named Casimir.
  • Known throughout the land as a bard.

Monsters of Kartakass
  • Almost any kind of wolf-like monster.
  • Goblins.
  • Ghouls.
  • Wights.
  • Leucrotta.
(Note: In the original version of Kartakass, Harkon Lukas is a wolfwere, not a werewolf.)

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