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Condensing Ravenloft Part 9: Keening, the City of the Undead, and Lamordia, the Home of the Modern Prometheus

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  • Ruled by a banshee named Tristessa.
  • Land encompasses Mount Lament, along with a ruined city around the base of the mountain.
  • The mountain is a large dungeon, full of tunnels and underground chambers.
  • If Tristessa wishes, a wall of wind seals off the domain.
  • There are no living creatures in Keening.

NPCs of Keening

  • A banshee who was once an evil drow.
  • She can sense any living creature in her domain.
  • Once lived in the domain of Arak, which disappeared.

Monsters of Keening
  • Any undead that do not feed on flesh, such as zombies, wights, ghosts, etc.
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(Image taken from The Curse of Frankenstein)

  • Ostensibly ruled by Baron von Aubreaker, but is actually ruled by the frankenstein-like monster named Adam.
  • Adam dwells on an island off the shore of the mainland called the Isle of Agony, which is feared by the people of Lamordia, often called “The Devil’s Domicile”.
  • There is a forest called the Sleeping Beast, where Baron von Aubreaker lives.
  • In summer, the waters lower enough during low tide to allow people to walk to the islands.
  • In winter, ice connects the islands to the mainland.
  • There are two main settlements; Ludendorf and Neufurchtenburd (Population <1,000 each).
  • Schloss Mordenheim, the estate of Dr. Mordenheim, lies north of Ludendorf next to the coast. The manor is rumored to be haunted, though Mordenheim himself is tolerated.
  • Adam can close the borders with a blizzard.

NPCs of Lamordia

Dr. Mordenheim
  • Evil scientist who created Adam, a being sewn together from dead bodies.
  • Hates his creation.
  • Only tolerated by Lamordians, not hated nor liked.

  • Creation of Dr. Mordenheim.
  • Is the true darklord of Lamordia.
  • Dwells on the Isle of Agony in secret.
  • Is more intelligent than other creatures of his kind.

  • A hideous and evil medusa who dwells on the island called Demise.

Baron von Aubreaker
  • Governs Lamordia.
  • Takes a third of all which is exported from Lamordia as taxes.
  • Lives a life of luxury.

  • Vampire who appears to be a child.
  • Tricks adult victims with her apparent youth and feeds on them.

Monsters of Lamordia
  • Giant weasels
  • Giant lynxes
  • Lycanthropes
  • Flesh golems*

*I have never really liked the term “flesh golem” or the rather large proliferation of golems in D&D. In my mind, the golem of Jewish folklore will always be immeasurably more interesting than simply being a man made from some inanimate substance. In my opinion, I’d rename flesh golems to Prometheans, and treat the other golems that aren’t made of clay as variants on living statues. I should probably make a post on golems at some point actually.

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