Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Session Report 8/14/2018

I recently played a game of LOTFP with my datemate, Loki (E/Im/Is pronouns), using one of my 30 minute dungeons.

E played the specialist of unknown name, accompanied by 2 dogs and a mule, also similarly nameless. The unknown specialist learned of a series of tunnels underneath the tower ruins in the woods, and, being penniless, decided to investigate. E descended into the dungeon, opening a secret passage marked by a red stone, and went into the darkness. E found the corpse of a large spider, but didn’t investigate, instead opening one of the nearby doors, revealing a nest of giant rats, along with a glimmer of gold. The specialist quickly shut the door, blocking it with a piece of fallen stone. However, after recalling the glint of gold, e carefully and quietly opened the door, before throwing a rock as a distraction. This gave the thief ample time to sneak into the nest to retrieve a golden scepter and a crown. However, when sneaking back out, e was noticed by one of the large rats. However, before the vermin could alert its fellows, e lobbed a rock at it, killing the beast.

The unknown rogue then continued to investigate, finding a corridor with some empty barrels, along with an empty room with an oddly elaborate tiled floor. Looking carefully at the tiles, the specialist realized part of the floor didn’t match the rest of the pattern, and threw a rock at it. This caused some poison gas to leak out from hidden pipes, and the specialist quickly closed the door, waiting for the gas to disperse.

When e entered the room again, the gas was gone, leaving a viscous residue on the walls. The thief continued forward, opening the door at the far end of the room to find a group of 4 warlike and brutal orcs, roasting a deer on a spit.

The specialist retreated back to the corridor with the barrels, sending is mule off to the entrance of the dungeon, and instructing one of is dogs to bark loudly while hiding the other in a barrel with im.

3 of the 4 orcs rushed to investigate, but the dog had already hidden. They continued to search, moving into the rat room. While they were gone, the specialist moved to the room with the deer, in search of treasure.

The lone orc left behind was scrawny, and evidently hungry. The specialist scraped some of the residue on to is arrow, and fired a shot at the beast-man. The arrow missed, instead impaling the roast deer. The orc noticed the arrow, and moved towards the specialist, who began to rapidly shoot arrows in panic. The orc swung its cobbled together sword, getting it stuck in the door. Finally, the specialist stabbed the monster in the throat, killing it. However, the orc’s death rattle attracted its fellows. Finishing is plan, the specialist quickly covered the roasting deer with more poison residue, before hiding in a nearby sack.

2 orcs (the third died to the rats) arrived in the room, one carrying a dead rat by the tail. One was concerned with its comrade’s sudden death, but the other was more interested in eating the now cooked deer. After taking a bite, it keeled over, stone dead, causing the last orc to panic and run for the exit. The sound of is mule’s distress caused the thief to run behind the fleeing orc, strangling it with is bow string. The mule was luckily unharmed, merely startled. Before moving forward, e lobbed the heads off of the orcs and strapped them to is mule, as well as pocketing a small leather pouch of gems and coins one of the orcs had on its belt.

The specialist continued is descent, moving deeper into the dungeon to find an odd snail shell with misspelled advertisements for goods. Upon approaching the shell, out popped a large hermit crab, proclaiming himself to be Mr. Snips, a purveyor of rare goods. After showing his wares (Including a wooden egg and a beetle named Charlie), the specialist asked his price. Mr. Snips responded that he required a slab of meat, to which the specialist turned on is heel, going right back to the poisoned deer.

After chopping off a nice chunk, the dungeoneer returned to the crab, offering the venison as payment. Like the orc before it, Mr. Snips took one bite before expiring. The specialist looted the body, before chopping it up and putting it in a sack. In the now empty shell, e found a magical glowing sword, which seemed to have some translation powers (the misspelled words on the late Mr. Snips’s shell now appeared properly written). Satisfied with is loot, the thief headed back to town.

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