Saturday, September 1, 2018

Condensing Ravenloft Part 11: Mordent, The Haunted House One

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(Image from the House on Gryphon Hill)

  • Ruled by the ghost of Lord Godefroy, but this is a secret.
  • The mayor of Mordentshire has the most political power.
  • Only major settlement is the harbor town of Mordentshire, with 2,000 people.
  • The house on Gryphon Hill is where Lord Godefroy dwells.
  • The Heather house is the abode of the Weathermays, a wealth family in Mordentshire.
  • If Lord Godefroy wishes, the mists seal off Mordent, and all routes lead back to Mordent through distortion of reality.
  • Most people in Mordent fish for a living, and most are superstitious.
  • There is a legend of a machine called The Apparatus, that can allegedly remove peoples’ souls, switch souls between bodies, and divide people into good and evil halves.

NPCs of Mordent

Lord Godefroy
  • A ghost that is the darklord of Mordent.
  • Lives in the house on Gryphon Hill.
  • Everyone fears him, few know he is the darklord.

The Mayor
  • Respected by the people of Mordentshire.
  • Democratically elected, and beloved by all.

The Weathermays
  • Rich family that owns most of land that is southwest of town.
  • Viewed with suspicion by the rest of Mordentshire.

Monsters of Mordent (mostly around Gryphon Hill)
  • Any undead
  • Lycanthropes
  • Hags
  • Fish-folk
  • Imps
  • Will o’ Wisps

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