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Condensing Ravenloft Part 12: Nova Vaasa, the home of Sir Tristen and Mr. Malken

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(Image taken from the poster for the 1931 film Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde)

Nova Vaasa
  • The Darklord is Malken, the evil alter ego of Sir Tristen Hiregaard.
  • Prince Othmar rules the domain from a political standpoint.
  • Much of the land is devoted to farming.
  • Most buildings are made from stone.
  • Largest settlement is the city of Kantora (population 16,000).
  • Smaller towns of Liara, Egertus, Bergovitsa, and Arbora have populations between 2,000 and 8,000.
  • The land is famous for its quality horses.
  • Large class divide between the poor and the aristocracy, with a small middle class.
  • Large black lions live in the plains.

NPCs of Nova Vaasa

Sir Tristen Hiregaard/Malken
  • Appears as a simple noble most of the time.
  • A curse means that his body transforms between his good half (Tristen) and his evil half (Malken).
  • Malken is a hideous monster that murders by night.
  • Nobody suspects Malken to be Tristen.
  • Malken will hire an assassin to kill anyone who he cannot kill himself, in order to keep his secret.

Prince Othmar
  • The royalty who rules the land.
  • Sir Tristen serves under him, and the prince does not suspect that he is secretly Malken.

Desmond LaRouche
  • Once a student of Sir Tristen.
  • Was cursed after he discovered the true identity of Malken.
  • Half his body is monstrous due to his curse, the other half is human.

Monsters of Nova Vaasa
  • Lycanthropes
  • Nightmares

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