Monday, September 3, 2018

Condensing Ravenloft Part 13: Wererats and Ghost Pirates

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(Image taken from Warhammer by Games Workshop)

  • Ruled by the wererat Jacqueline Renier.
  • Land is infested with wererats, but few know this.
  • The three main settlements are Pont-A-Museau (population 14,000), Ste. Ronges (population 6,000), and Mortingy (population 7,000).
  • All settlements have around a third of the buildings abandoned, and have large and well-constructed sewers.
  • If Jacqueline wishes to seal the border, a living wall of giant rats, 50 feet thick, seal the border.

NPCs of Richemulot

Jaqueline Renier
  • Rules over the secret society of wererats that reside in the sewers.
  • Is not well known, few know she leads the wererats.

Monsters of Richemulot
  • Goblins
  • Wererats
  • Giant spiders
  • Zombies
  • Skeletons
  • Wights
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The Sea of Sorrows
  • Ruled by the ghost of Captain Pieter van Riese.
  • Is a sea, and politically it is not fully known who owns it.
  • Very foggy, and it is rumored if one sails far enough they can reach the ethereal plane.
  • There are some islands in the sea, including Markovia.
  • The center of the domain is Captain van Riese’s ship, the Relentless.
  • If the captain wants to seal the borders, a wall of impenetrable fog comes up.

NPCs of the Sea of Sorrows

Captain Pieter van Riese
  • Ghost of a long dead pirate/merchant.
  • Sails the sea on a ghost ship called the Relentless, crewed by undead.
  • Attacks ships that he encounters in the Sea of Sorrows.
  • Is well known among sailors as a ghost story.

Monsters of the Sea of Sorrows
  • Giant squids
  • Marine giant spiders
  • Lacedons (aquatic ghouls)
  • Sea snakes
  • Sea serpents

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