Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Condensing Ravenloft Part 14: Lord Soth and the Three Hags of Tepest

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(Lord Soth as depicted on the cover of Knight of the Black Rose)

  • Ruled by the death knight known as Lord Soth.
  • Covered in thick forests.
  • Soth dwells in a castle called Nedragaard Keep, which is full of undead.
  • If Soth wishes to seal the borders, he can sing a ballad detailing his sins, which is joined by the wails of other sinners. This sound is unbearable, and anyone attempting to leave the land will turn back.
  • Populated mostly by elves.

NPCs of Sithicus

Lord Soth
  • A death knight from Krynn, the planet in the Dragonlance setting.
  • Hates elves due to his own past experiences with them, blames them for him becoming a death knight.
  • Does not want to be a darklord.
  • Was lured to Ravenloft through a dimensional rift by the voice of Kitiara, the object of his desire.

  • A blue warrior from Krynn.
  • Has dark hair and is human.
  • Might be real, might be a manifestation of Ravenloft used to torture Lord Soth.

Monsters of Sithicus
  • Banshees
  • Any undead
  • Lycanthropes.
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(Image from Clash of the Titans)

  • Ruled over by 3 hags, who are known of through legends and mythology by the common folk.
  • The village of Viktal (population 3,000) is near Lake Kronov. To the east of Viktal is the town of Kellee (population 3,000).
  • If the hags wish, the borders can be sealed by dangerous and powerful storms.

NPCs of Tepest

The Hags
  • Each hag is a different type. There is a sea hag, an annis, and a green hag.
  • Eat human and demihuman flesh.
  • Keep the local goblin population in check by eating them.

Jugo Hesketh
  • Once an inquisitor.
  • Has been transformed into an evil ghast.

  • An evil treant who dwells near Lake Kronov.

Monsters of Tepest
  • Goblins
  • Kelpies

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