Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Condensing Ravenloft Part 15: Valachan, the Panther's Lair

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(NOTE: Sorry for the short post today, I'm very worn out from work, hopefully tomorrow I can finish the last Ravenloft domain and maybe compile all of them into a pdf.)

  • Ruled by Baron Urik von Kharkov, a vampire.
  • Mostly forested.
  • 3 main settlements, Ungrad (population 1,500), Rotwald (population 4,000), and Habelink (population 3,500).
  • If the baron wishes to seal the land, the paths through the forests disappear, and swarms of bats prevent escape by flying.
  • Valachani people suffer from a disease called “White Fever, which is actually caused by their blood being drained by vampires, resulting in fatigue.

NPCs of Valachan

Baron Urik vib Kharkov
  • Baron of the domain, as well as its darklord.
  • Can transform into a black panther.
  • Once per year he requires a woman to become his bride.

Monsters of Valachan
  • Vampires
  • Any undead
  • Giant spiders
  • Panthers (not monsters per se, but notable)

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