Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My House Rules: Buying Items, Starting Gold, and Equipment Packs

Player characters begin with 3d6x10 coins, plus their CHA modifier x 10. They may choose to buy items from the list below (or ask the game master for prices of other items that aren't on the list) or they may pick an equipment pack, still adding their CHA modifier x 10 coins.

(Image by Erol Otus, taken from the 1981 D&D basic set)

Mundane Equipment
coil of rope 1 coin
lantern 5 coins
10 torches 1 coin
flask of oil 1 coin
crowbar 5 coin
hammer 5 coin
10 stakes 1 coin
backpack 5 coins
week's rations 10 coins
water skin 1 coin
chalk 1 coin
notebook 10 coins
10 foot pole 1 coin

Religious Items
holy symbol 5 coins
holy book 15 coins
holy water vial 25 coins

Transportation and Pack Animals
horse 25 coins
sack of oats 15 coins
donkey/mule 20 coins
saddle 10 coins

Ranged Weaponry
light ranged weapon 10 coins
1 handed ranged weapon 20 coins
2 handed ranged weapon 30 coins
heavy ranged weapon 40 coins
10 shots ammunition 1 coin

Melee Weaponry
light melee weapon 5 coins
1 handed melee weapon 10 coins
2 handed melee weapon 15 coins
heavy melee weapon 20 coins

light armor 20 coins
medium armor 40 coins
heavy armor 60 coins
shield 10 coins

Equipment Packs

Leather armor (light armor)
Bow (2 handed ranged weapon)
20 Arrows
Dagger (Light melee weapon)
43 coins

Great-axe (Heavy melee weapon)
Hide armor (light armor)
60 coins

Pistol (1 handed ranged weapon)
20 bullets
Rapier (1 handed melee weapon)
Leather armor (light armor)
48 coins

Platemail Armor (Heavy armor)
Shortsword (1 handed melee weapon)
20 coins

Warrior Priest
Chainmail (Medium armor)
Holy Water Vial
Holy Symbol
Holy Book
Maul (Heavy melee weapon)
15 coins

Coil of rope
Ten foot pole
5 flasks of oil
Leather armor (Light armor)
Cutlass (1 handed melee weapon)
Pistol (1 handed ranged weapon)
10 bullets
31 coins

Hide armor (Light armor)
Water skin
Bow (2 handed ranged weapon)
10 arrows
Axe (1 handed melee weapon)
43 coins

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