Sunday, September 9, 2018

Session Report For 9/9/18

And this report will be written in Bullet Point Form!

  • Unknown (the nickname of my datemate's character) purchased 10 acres of land and a nice house with the money it got from dungeon delving.
  • It got a letter in the mail from the church, explaining that bodies have been stolen in a graveyard from below, and they are in need of its services.
  • Unknown travels to the church, and meets with Sister Agatha, a nun of the church who explains whats going on and shows Unknown one of the graves.
  • Unknown descends into the tunnels below the cemetery, encountering some porcelain dolls, giant rats, and a mysterious table covered in food. (My datemate correctly guesses that the food is human flesh disguised by an illusion).
  • Unknown continues on and meets Antonia, a ghoul obsessed with theology and dolls, who explains that her brethren have been stealing the bodies to eat.
  • Unknown loots a noble's coffin.
  • Unknown finds where the ghouls allegedly live, and goes back up to the surface, buying boards and nails which it uses to seal off the passage before tossing sticks and branches in and starting a fire.
  • The fire drives out the 5 ghouls, who burrow up into the cemetery and attack mourners.
  • Unknown kills one of the ghouls with holy water "borrowed" from the church, and flees from the others after fighting off paralysis.
  • Unknown asks Sister Agatha about the weaknesses of ghouls, learns that they can be killed through normal means, and once more descends into the earth.
  • Unknown lures some giant rats into the ghouls' lair and uses them to attack the ghouls. The rats are killed, but so is one ghoul.
  • Unknown takes one of Antonia's porcelain dolls, straps some human meat to it, and tosses it into the ghouls' lair, before telling Antonia that her fellow ghouls took the doll. Antonia is enraged and smashes her way into the other ghouls' lair, attacking them.
  • Antonia is slain, her head ripped off, and Unknown slays the remaining 3 ghouls using its bow and magic sword.
  • Antonia loots the ghouls' room, and returns to the surface, meeting with Sister Agatha and asking if there is any way to bring a ghoul back from the dead.
  • Sister Agatha pulls out an old tome and speaks of the legend of the Ring Of Life, a mystical artifact made by the norsemen that is rumored to be buried in an ancient tomb, though a few years back an Elvish sorcerer looked for the same ring, so it may be missing.

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