Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Demon God Generator and Demonic Traits Table

Making a Demon God and its Cult (My Absolutely Divine Datemate Helped Me Make These)

Here are 4 quick tables to generate demonic deities and their cults on the fly! I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Determine Epithet

1. Mother/Father/Parent
2. King/Queen/Ruler
3. Lord/Lady/Noble
4. Harbinger
5. Priest
6. Slayer
7. Hunter
8. Harvester
9. Traveler
10. Watcher
11. Speaker
12. Seer

Step 2: Determine Domain

1. Destruction
2. Monsters
3. Nature
4. Caves
5. The Void
6. Death
7. Oceans
8. Fire
9. Decay
10. Shadows
11. Forgotten Things
12. Industry

Step 3: Determine Form

1. A human
2. A human with animal-like features
3. A worm/serpent
4. A dragon
5. A being of pure energy or some other intangible substance
6. An inanimate object
7. A celestial body
8. A hybrid of two or more different animals
9. The form of whatever being it possesses
10. Liquid
11. A machine
12. A constantly mutating mass of flesh

Step 4: Determine Marks of its Cult

1. Members of the cult take on some of the features of their deity
2. All members are undead, walking rotting corpses
3. Cult is only formed from animals, no humans
4. Can only consume human flesh and blood
5. All cultists are monsters
6. Have unusual body modifications
7. Have oddly distorted facial features
8. Are inhuman creatures wearing disguises
9. Disguise themselves as members of another, more accepted religion
10. All share similar features
11. They bleed a color other than red
12. They never sleep


The Speaker of Shadows, a being composed of darkness, whose servants never sleep.

The Lady of Monsters, a body-less will that possesses pregnant women, whose cult modify their bodies in extreme ways

The Queen of Caves, a creature resembling a squid with human arms instead of tentacles, her cultists can only consume human flesh and blood after swearing an oat to her.

The Father of Destruction, a being who possesses the body of his current high priest, and whose cultists are all undead.

Demonic Traits

If someone is possessed by a demonic entity from beyond known time and space, its bound to mess with them a little bit. If you've got a character who just opened a magic puzzle box, or a high priest of some horrific eldritch being, and you wanna make them look weird, this is the table for you.

(Image taken from The Exorcist)

 Demonic Traits d66 table (roll 2d6 like percentile dice)

11. Extra eyes
12. Extra mouths
13. Horns
14. Tentacles
15. Hooves
16. Razor sharp teeth
21. Bird-like beak
22. Oozing slime
23. Scales
24. Supernatural darkness
25. Spikes
26. Foul stench
31. Pitch black eyes
32. Bones positioned wrong
33. Stunted, vestigial wings
34. Forked tongue
35. Antlers
36. Extra fingers
41. Prehensile tail
42. Tumor with eyes and teeth
43. Skin sloughs off, leaving a bloody trail
44. Nails and scraps of metal embedded in flesh
45. Blood leaks from pores
46. Constantly burning
51. Writhing worms in flesh
52. Exceedingly long tongue
53. Teeth growing from flesh
54. Exposed organs
55. Broken bones stick out from flesh
56. Body is rotting
61. Body drips with dirty water
62. Unnatural silence nearby
63. Slightly gelatinous and amorphous form
64. Faces continually grow and are absorbed from flesh
65. Accompanied by a horrific fluting sound
66. Covered in long, black hair

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