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Greyhawk Ruins Condensed Key: Tower of War 1

NOTE: The following key requires the use of WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins to be used properly. In order to avoid infringing upon copyright and merely making a helpful tool for a game master, monster statistics and the map for the dungeon level have been purposefully omitted. The module can be purchased here

The Tower of War (Level 1)

  • Band of 10 dwarves (1 leader, 2 guards, 7 warriors) guard the tower, with a pet brown bear
  • The leader, Stillguar, takes a 1/3 cut of any gold found in the tower by adventurers
  • Instead of paying the tax, the party can take the great risk, where the dwarves throw 2 hammers into the air, and the orientation of them determines what happens and what is paid
Great Risk Table
2: Lose all gold
3: Lose all gold found in the tower
4-9: Lose ½ gold found in the tower
10: Lose 1/10 gold found in the tower
11: Keep all gold
12: Dwarves give the party a gold ingot worth 500 coins

  • Table, stove, and some barrels
  • Barrels contain 50 coins worth of alcoholic beverages left

  • Entrance to room is locked
  • Chest is kept next to a stone desk, the chest is locked and trapped with a poison needle, and contains 150 coins worth of gold objects
  • On the desk are false records of how much gold the dwarves tax
  • A loose flagstone hides a stash of 8500 coins worth of gold items

  • Spare armor parts and food for the dwarves

  • Pit with flammable oil at the bottom

  • Entrance walls are covered with stakes coated in deadly poison

  • Large doors that serve as the entrance to the tower
  • Depict a war wagon flying through the air, accompanied by smaller chariots and war beasts

  • War table in center of the room, with 8 pillars holding up ceiling, and a small throne at the end of the room
  • In front of the throne is a skeletal corpse clutching a bag of gold nuggets worth 25 coins
  • There are 8 skeletons hiding behind the pillars
  • There are 8 sturdy, beautifully made wooden chairs worth 300 coins each

  • 2 mounds of moldy straw, each containing 12 rot grubs
  • 7 skeletons lie in a pile that will animate when approached, near a bar of gold worth 75 coins
  • Two barrels contain unholy water and 30 coins

  • Empty shelves except for a metal box that is trapped with two poison darts, both of which are gold and worth 20 coins each
  • 7 skeletons, which will attempt to assist the skeletons in W109 if combat is going poorly for them

  • 7 skeleton horses in stalls, the skeletons in W110 will attempt to retreat to this room and mount the horses if combat doesn’t go their way

  • Fancy room with nice furniture and a fireplace, but smells awful
  • 7 zombies, each one infested with a rot grub, hide behind curtained off bed-chambers
  • A gold knife above the fireplace is worth 50 coins

  • There is a bed in the center of the room, with a blue key that opens the secret door leading to W114 attached to the underside of it
  • There are 4 skeletons and 4 zombies

  • The war wagon (worth 25000 coins), as depicted on the doors in W107 is here, as well as 8 chariots (worth 5000 coins each)
  • The war wagon briefly has the illusion of a ghost driving it and looking over its shoulder before transforming into a swordwraith and disappearing
  • There are 8 skeletons here
  • In the upper stories of the room are 18 swordwraiths that can cal skeletons and zombies from other rooms to assist them

  • Old kitchen I ruins
  • Three poltergeists who were once cooks are in this room
  • There is a smashed golden object that is beyond recognition worth 45 coins, as well as a +2 scimitar

  • Broken and scattered pieces of bed and chairs
  • 2 giant scorpions in a closet

  • Old pantry only containing a flask of poisoned wine

  • Locked bedrooms, no monsters but the swordwraiths from W114 check them every night

  • Cages containing 14 skeletal dogs, and 12 zombie hawks, which can and will easily escape their cages to attack

  • Two pillars support ceiling, many tables near 2 unlit fireplaces
  • 13 skeletons in robes, staring at gold objects on the tables, attack when approached
  • The gold objects are a 25 coin bracelet, a 35 coin chalice, and a 10 coin belt buckle

  • 12 bedrooms, each one containing a zombie
  • The zombies will help the skeletons in W120 if the fight isn’t going their way

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