Saturday, October 20, 2018

My Take on Vampires

HD variable
AC unarmored or by armor worn
ATK 1 bite or weapon
DMG 1d6 or 1d6+2
HDE equal to hit dice plus 2

Whenever a vampire bites someone, they regain a number of hit points equal to the damage they deal. In addition, vampires naturally regenerate 1d3 HP each round. Vampires cannot naturally regenerate any damage dealt by silver weapons, or holy water (being splashed with holy water deals 1d6 damage to vampires).

Exposure to direct sunlight causes vampires to take 1d6 damage per round, and be unable to regenerate, even by drinking blood.

Young vampires tend to merely resemble human beings, if a bit pale and with sharp teeth. However, the older a vampire gets, the less human they become, taking on aspects of other haemovores.

Roll on the table below to determine what animal the vampire takes after:

1. Mosquito: The vampire's nose and mouth fuse into a straw-like feeding organ, and its eyes grow large and black.

2. Flea: The vampire's skin begins to harden into a shell, and they adopt a hopping, crouching gait.

3. Lamprey: The vampire loses all its hair, and its teeth rearrange themselves into a circle of fangs.

4. Bat: The vampire's fingers grow long and sharp, and its incisors grow longer and razor sharp. Its ears become freakishly large and sensitive.

5. Leech: The vampire begins to sweat mucus, and become bloated. Its bones become flexible and jelly-like.

6. Tick: The vampire's neck begins to merge with its chest, and the teeth and tongue of the beast begin to merge into a disgusting feeding mouth part. Its eyes begin to shrink and migrate lower down its face.


  1. Someone's been playing Darkest Dungeon.

  2. The only one thing I don't like is damage +2 (or +anything for that matter); attacks should always have a possibility to deal 1 damage point.

    Everything else is exactly the kind of weirdness I need for my LotFP campaign. Stolen!