Sunday, October 7, 2018

Raven Hill Setting Sketch

An alternate world, shrouded in mist, made to punish sinners and guilt, crawling with strange monsters, that is nigh impossible to escape. Am I describing Silent Hill, or Ravenloft?

Its a trick question of course, both settings share similar undertones, though Ravenloft is a bit less subtle about it, and Silent Hill's monsters are a bit odder than the gothic fodder that Ravenloft throws at you. But I see a link between these two worlds, one that could come together quite nicely if detailed.

Raven Hill setting idea
  • Cross between Silent Hill and Ravenloft
  • Shared themes that will remain are: Fog/mist, psychological horror, not being able to leave
  • Gothic setting will remain, and maybe some monsters, but all will seem half-formed and alien. Books will be written in gibberish, werewolves are malformed and pale creatures with no fur or eyes, vampires look like giant naked bats with mosquito proboscises, etc.
  • Raven Hill is a small town with a castle overlooking a lake. Anyone without substantial reason for guilt entering this town sees it as a normal town, if a little foggy at times. Anyone with reason for guilt may be lured into town and trapped in the Fogworld.
  • Fogworld resembles the real world for the most part, but with almost nobody around and the geography is altered to make it so one cannot leave. (Enormous cliffs at the edge of roads, etc.) When the bell in the old castle tower rings, people are transported to the Otherworld.
  • Otherworld vaguely resembles the Fogworld, with general layout and architecture remaining the same, but coated with rust and grates, with the road sometimes being a metal grate covering a vast black abyss. Odd machines and organic masses of flesh are common sights. There are more monsters in the Otherworld.

If anyone is interested, I may flesh out this mini-setting a bit more, maybe incorporating it into my main setting as an isolated location. In the mean time, here is some art from Silent Hill to help get the good old brain juices flowing!