Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Corrupted Monsters of Raven Hill

Hey y'all remember this post? Well I'm finally making a follow up to that.

The beings that flounder and wander the otherworldly town of Raven Hill do resemble their "normal" counterparts, at least superficially, but they always seem broken and wrong somehow. They are not truly the monsters they resemble, but nightmares spawned from the subconscious of any who wander into the accursed town.

Below are some tables to roll on to change the physical appearance of regular monsters to make them like something out of Silent Hill.

(The Insane Cancer from Silent Hill 3)

Common Traits
All (or at least most) of the monsters of Raven Hill have the following characteristics:

  • No eyes
  • Do not speak, or show any signs of intelligence beyond animal instinct
  • Are naked, and have wet, hairless, rubbery skin, but do not possess sex organs
  • Being near them causes a ringing noise in one's ears
Subtracting Traits (d6)
The following remove physical features from the creature.
  1. No arms
  2. No mouth
  3. No legs
  4. No head
  5. No hands or feet
  6. No obvious method of attack, damage just happens

Adding Traits (d6)
The following add physical features to the creature.
  1. Shards of metal in its flesh
  2. Constantly leaks water from its skin, leaving a puddle
  3. Vestigial limbs sticking out from odd places
  4. Covered in pustules
  5. Long tongues extend from slits in body
  6. Teeth stick out of its body like barnacles on a whale

Movement Traits (d6)
This is some disturbing way the monster moves.
  1. Stumbles, seemingly not knowing where it is going
  2. Floats eerily a few feet above the ground
  3. Whole body vibrates and it occasionally teleports a foot or so in a random direction
  4. Skitters like a cockroach
  5. Seems to dance
  6. You can't tell how it moves, you just lose sight of it for a second and then suddenly it is somewhere else
Sound Traits (d6)
What unholy noises the thing makes.
  1. Distorted music
  2. An infant crying
  3. Bones snapping
  4. Nothing, aside from the vague ringing in your head
  5. A high pitched, metallic screech
  6. A wet slapping sound

By rolling on some or all of these tables, and adding the common traits already inherent to Raven Hill monsters, you can instantly get something surreal and horrifying.

For example, lets take the common, pig faced orc. I roll a 6, a 3, a 4, and a 5. Now we have an eyeless, naked, half-pig thing that crawls like a cockroach and has vestigial limbs sticking out of its horrific body. When it opens its mouth, all that comes out is a metallic scream, and though it never actually attacks, being near the thing causes you to bleed as if being cut with tiny knives, all as a loud ringing sound fills your ears.

Lets do a giant spider next. I roll a 6, a 3, a 6, and a 6, meaning it will be somewhat similar to our first example, but that's okay! This thing is a fleshy spider, that looks like it was formed out of wet human skin. It is covered in extra human limbs that it doesn't seem to use to move, and it doesn't have fangs either, it simply poisons you by being nearby. The thing doesn't even move, it just seems like you're forced to blink and suddenly its closer. Whenever this happens, you hear a disgusting, wet, slapping noise, as the ringing in your ears gets louder.

Enjoy the nightmares!

(The Slurper, also from Silent Hill 3)

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