Thursday, November 1, 2018

Greyhawk Ruins Condensed Key: Tower of War 2

NOTE: The following key requires the use of WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins to be used properly. In order to avoid infringing upon copyright and merely making a helpful tool for a game master, monster statistics and the map for the dungeon level have been purposefully omitted. The module can be purchased here

The Tower of War (Level 2)

  • 4 small shelves, 1 in each corner, each holding a gold ingot (500 coins each) on red velvet
  • Ingots are coated in contact poison
  • Bones and corpse of a giant ant
  • Small round table with dice and some stools in center of room, trash all over the floor
  • 4 troglodytes, spending the day in these rooms on a dare
  • 2 long dining tables, with 90 coin gold candelabras on each table
  • 6 skeletons sitting at the tables, 4 zombies in suits of armor
  • Old kitchen with 3 zombies and a son of Kyuss
  • Locked room, secret trap door is trapped with trip-wire activated poison spears
  • Ant entrance is hidden with debris
  • Rock column supports chamber
  • Tunneling equipment on a pile of rocks
  • 30% chance of 1d3 evil priests
  • Bones and bottles containing preserved flesh, one bottle is full of blood
  • Material components for the animate dead spell
  • Wooden panels cover murder holes facing W212, rubble covers a chest
  • Chest is sealed with wax, if opened it releases paralytic gas, released from a broken crystal vial of liquid, there are 3 unbroken vials left
  • 5 orogs, a gong, and a chest
  • If gong is rung, enemies from W301 and W303 are alerted
  • Chest has glue on handle, and contains 350 coins in golden items
  • Giant ant nest
  • Room A: Queen’s room, with the queen ant, 19 workers, and 5 warriors
  • Room B: Nursery, 20 workers, 5 warriors, 50 larva and eggs
  • Room C: Honey Room, 15 workers, 3 warriors, 350 coins of honey
  • Room D: Jewelry Rooms, 8 workers, 2 warriors, 600 coins worth of jewels, a potion of healing, longevity, heroism and an oil of etherealness
  • Room E: Food Rooms, 11 workers, 2 warriors
  • Room F: Guard Rooms: 1d10 workers, 1d6 warriors
  • 2 sons of Kyuss
  • 7 coin gem that causes moss to grow near it slowly
  • Piles of broken adventuring equipment
  • Some mining equipment, including a gold bladed shovel, also an iron bar
  • 12 zombies
  • 10 skeletons with bows, each has 10 gold tipped arrows (2 coins each), and a gold tipped spear (5 coins each)
  • A moldy table, some chairs, a bench, and a shelf
  • Beneath the shelf is a keg with 15 flasks worth of oil and 100 gold tipped arrows (2 coins each)
  • On the shelf are 5 gold tipped spears (5 coins each)
  • 2 portcullises leading across drainage troughs
  • When party is halfway across portcullis, it will be dropped by the skeletons from W218, and skeletons from W215 will shoot at the trapped party
  • 9 skeletons, and a lever controlling the portcullises
  • Pile of manure, with 20 rot grubs in it, as well as an otyugh
  • There is a small golden dog statue worth 120 coins in the dung
  • Altar to a demonic deity, with incense pots filled with burnt manure and a statue of an ogre-like creature with pointed ears and red skin (Luz)
  • The statue animates and attacks lawful good party members, which is treated as an ogre and has a +3 two handed sword
  • A bowl on the altar ages any who touches it 1d4 years
  • There is a +1 bone dagger on the altar
  • The floor is foot deep in urine and liquid that leaked from manure
  • Take 1 damage each round from the gases causing a nosebleed
  • If covered in the liquid on the floor, wandering monsters are attracted at twice the normal rate
  • Incense sticks can be burned to get rid of smell and stop nosebleeds
  • Small wicker mats on the floor
  • 2 candles (45 coins each) and a tinder box on a black cloth lined table
  • Walls are rough and irregular, as construction was halted before it could be finished
  • 3 slow shadows haunt the area
  • A crate contains 196 coins and 370 coins worth of gems

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