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Greyhawk Ruins Condensed Key: Tower of War 3

NOTE: The following key requires the use of WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins to be used properly. In order to avoid infringing upon copyright and merely making a helpful tool for a game master, monster statistics and the map for the dungeon level have been purposefully omitted. The module can be purchased here


  • 4 ogrillions
  • Large table with parchment, quills, and ink
  • The parchment on the table is an inventory of all the gold placed in this room
  • A small chest, covered in dust and full of 16 crawling claws
  • 1110 coins worth of gold items scattered about the room
  • Statue of the ogre demi-god Vaprak in the center of the room
  • 5 orogs (15 coins each), 2 ogrillions (2 coins each), and 1 half-ogre cleric (level 5)
  • Half-ogre carries a scroll of cure serious wounds, a key to W305, and 35 coins
  • 4 barrels containing troglodyte sweat, anyone coated must save vs. poison or lose 1d12 STR for 12 rounds, and everyone in surrounding area must save or lose 1d6 STR for 10 rounds (the monsters have nose plugs to block out smell)
  • 4 troglodytes leap from ledge near ceiling and attack
  • Troglodytes have scarred up brands of a scythe and skull, with new brands of a taloned hand
  • Locked door
  • 5 orogs, each with 40 coins and nose plugs
  • 1 orog has a key to W305
  • 8 troglodyte slaves, branded with taloned hands
  • They are hungry and not immediately hostile
  • Sealed clay pot nearby contains troglodyte sweat
  • 4 duergar resting on cots, floor is covered in wax from used nose plugs
  • 3 stone chairs near the wall, as well as a shelf containing golden items
  • 3 golden headed axes (40 coins each), 3 unmounted axe heads (40 coins each), 4 gold mugs (25 coins each), a gold spider (120 coins), and golden nose plugs (10 coins)
  • Written in Dwarven on the shelf is “The secret chamber of the six”, signed with 5 red marks and the word “Gundo”
  • Secret door opens upwards, and falls down after 1 round, dealing 1d12 damage to anyone caught as it closes, with a +10 to hit
  • An orog hidden in the wall behind an arrow slit, with 20 arrows and a bow
  • In the hidden chamber is a chest that is locked containing 245 coins
  • Treasure trove of 5000 coins worth of gold items, as well as a golden statue of a dwarf worth 1750 coins
  • 10 troglodytes and 2 duergar, which are neutral at first and even friendly, but will attack if given a chance
  • Empty room with golden marks on the wall and floor
  • One flagstone is a loose trapdoor
  • 4 ogrillions lifting a platform with 250 coins worth of gold items and 2 troglodytes with a winch
  • The shaft the platform is lifted out of is 15 feet deep
  • A feast hall, with 5 troglodytes, 3 orogs, and 4 ogrillions eating here
  • If the ogrillions or orogs are attacked, the troglodytes will assist the party
  • Each orog has gold nose rings worth 85 coins and the ogrillions have 5 coins worth gold nuggets each
  • Locked room, floor is covered with dry blood, with a guillotine near a prison cell
  • In the cell are 2 male humans (3rd level fighter and a multiclassed 3rd level fighter/thief) and 1 female elf (4th level wizard), all nude
  • If the elf is taken to Greyhawk City, her betrothed will pay the adventurers 300 coins and give them a suit of chain mail
  • If noise is made, duergar from W317 will attack
  • 4 duergar cooks, some cooking equipment, and 4 cots
  • One duergar has keys to the cell in W316 and the doors to W326
  • Locked room, containing cooking supplies like salted meat and water barrels
  • A bench winds around the edge of the room, and there are bones and grime on the floor
  • 2 owlbears, chained up, but only one is visible, as the other is hiding
  • Shelves containing blank iron covered tomes (total worth 2500 coins) and a desk with a gold quill (25 coins)
  • In a hidden compartment in the desk are 3 scrolls, detailing tactical plans of the underworlders for leaving the underworld and invading the surface, with maps and battle plans to invade Greyhawk City
  • Large cavern, held up by 6 pillars held together with giant chains
  • Large stage in the center of the room, with doors and curtains on the edges of the room
  • 5 orogs and 4 ogrillions armed with spears on the stage in the center
  • A 30 foot deep pit is in the center of the stage, and the stage is 15 feet high
  • The pit contains three 3rd level dwarf fighters and a 3rd level gnome wizard
  • 2 tables with tree stumps for chairs, 3 barrels, and many sleeping mats
  • 4 ogrillions sleep on the mats, each with 10 coins
  • The barrels have water in them, and there are dice on the tables
  • Many cots fill the room
  • 4 ogrillions discuss how dwarves taste, and each one has 20 coins and a 60 coin gold neck band
  • Broken weapons on the floor, as well as a functional broadsword and 2 spears
  • An archway, guarded by 4 orogs armed with poisoned blades (cause paralysis for 12 rounds) and wearing platemail
  • Ruined, red skeletal statue of the death god Nerull
  • Beneath statue are 4 gold arm bands (50 coins each), 85 coins, and a vial of paralytic poison (can be used to coat 20 blades)
  • Locked room, containing 2 beds, desks, and chairs
  • Hidden alcove contains a gold coated statue of the ogre demi-god Vaprak which is worth 1500 coins, and a scroll comparing the death god Nerull unfavorably to Vaprak
  • A half-ogre 5th level cleric sleeps in a bed
  • On the desks are notes on rituals to Vaprak and also notes on other underworlders
  • 3 beds, a table, and chairs
  • Weapons, armor, and backpacks fill the room
  • Any who enter must save or be affected by a runic symbol inscribed upon the wall that causes them to be paralyzed for 1d4 hours
  • Supplies are from prisoners in W316 and W322, there are also 2 black bound booklets on a shelf that cause any good aligned creatures that touch them to take 1d4 x the victim’s level damage
  • The booklets are the holy books of the death god Nerull, and are worth 600 coins
  • 3 half ogre level 5 clerics, 8 orogs and 9 ogrillions are eating a meal of human flesh, served by 3 duergar which will run to W333 if battle takes place
  • Each ogrillion has 9 coins, and each orog has 20 coins and a 60 coin arm band
  • The half ogre has a phylactery of long year, which allows him to live longer than he ought to
  • Locked room containing 4 bunk beds and kitchen equipment
  • Barrels of water and cuts of meat, as well as some butcher knives
  • Kitchen with 5 duergar chefs
  • The duergar will only attack if threatened, otherwise will try to befriend the party and convince them to free the dwarves in W307 and W312
  • 3 elevators and stairs leading down
  • The stairs are covered with slippery moss, and requires 3 DEX checks or anyone using them falls down the stairs

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