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Greyhawk Ruins Condensed Key: Tower of War 4

NOTE: The following key requires the use of WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins to be used properly. In order to avoid infringing upon copyright and merely making a helpful tool for a game master, monster statistics and the map for the dungeon level have been purposefully omitted. The module can be purchased here

ANOTHER NOTE: This series of posts is going to be put on hiatus for a bit, as its starting to become a little tiring and monotonous to me. I am going to be coming back to this in time, but for now I'm going to be taking a little break. However, I might start work on my own megadungeon soon enough...
(A hook horror, as drawn by Tony Diterlizzi)


  • Wooden semicircular domes beneath shafts leading upwards
  • Rubble litters the floor
  • Corpses of 10 ogrillion and 12 orog, shredded by talons and teeth
  • 250 coins in golden items and 120 coins lying around
  • Scrapes and scorch marks all over the walls, floor, and ceiling
  • Corridor blocked by cave in, claw marks in wall
  • Debris can be cleared in 4 hours
  • Chapel with 6 pillars holding up the ceiling, one of which as collapsed
  • On an altar to the death god Nerull is a service set made from copper and malachite (green semi-precious gemstone) worth 500 coins
  • Dining hall with a reddish stone altar to the death god Nerull
  • If altar is touched by a cleric, it will produce food and water (up to 12 times a day)
  • Dying and starving owlbear with only 2 HP left
  • Will act as a guard to anyone who feeds it and nurses it back to health until it gets back to the surface
  • Chunk of stone blocks corridor
  • A smaller PC could squeeze around it
  • 3 wights
  • Under a bed is a +2 mace
  • Each room has a gold spittoon (250 coins) and a copper and malachite service set (120 coins)
  • In a desk is a diary of one of the priests of Nerull that became a wight, talking of how spells to Nerulls began to fail and an avatar of Vaprak killed much of the underworld
  • Collapsed rubble fills the hall and blocks the path
  • Rubble can be removed in an hour
  • Locked door
  • Male dwarf impaled on spikes projecting from door, clutching keys to all doors and cells in W412
  • Torture chamber, with a large rack
  • Bones on the floor, ogrillion corpse with a knife in his belly against the wall
  • Under one bed is a large amount of torture equipment, including an injectable poison that does 3d6 damage (7 doses yet), a suit if chain mail, some adventuring gear, and 2 long swords
  • Stone wall blocks the hall, middle of the wall seems recently rebuilt
  • Middle can be dismantled in an hour
  • Rubble covers the floor
  • 4 troglodytes carry a golden end table (450 coins) towards a pile of gold coins (350 coins) and 5 barrels
  • A winch elevator is in the center of the room
  • Troglodytes will defend themselves if attacked, but would rather run away
  • 2 troglodytes, each holding a gold candelabra worth 75 coins
  • 10 troglodytes sleeping on mats,, but they are very light sleepers
  • 2 clay pots of troglodyte oil nearby
  • Door can be barred and locked
  • Empty dining hall
  • Chopping can be heard from W419
  • 2 friendly duergar chefs preparing a meal
  • Will tell party that a meeting is being held in W420, and that they want to escape servitiude to W500
  • Room is locked
  • A level 5 half-ogre cleric, in conversation with 5 orogs, and 2 ogrillions
  • The half-ogre has a potion of fire resistance, ogrillions each have a 15 coin nose ring, orogs each have 4 coin ear rings
  • 3 dark tapestries worth 125 coins, one depicting a pyramid on a spiral staircase, one depicting 5 ogre magi, and one depicting a line of slaves
  • Each room has a bed in them, 2 rooms have one sleeping duergar in each
  • Doors locked at both ends of the hallway, with a secret door
  • Burning fireplace, 4 ogrillion and 2 orog spring up from chairs and attack when party enters room
  • Each orog has an armband worth 45 coins, each ogrillion has a 12 coin nose ring
  • 2 elite orog guards sleep in their private room, with paralytic poisoned blades, each with a gold neck band worth 70 coins
  • Closet contains some weapons
  • Peepholes looking in on W417
  • Paralyzing gas in barrels in the adjoining room
  • Statue of a troll/ogre in the center of the room, which can be opened to reveal a ladder leading down
  • 2 elite orog guards disguised as statues on 2 dais
  • Each orog has a gold neck band worth 70 coins, as well as paralytic poisoned blades, with a a vial of paralytic poison each
  • 2 hook horrors chained to the wall
  • Religious symbols on wall pegs
  • A desk contains scrolls detailing unimportant religious information
  • Closet contains 25 coins worth of night gowns, a fur coat worth 150 coins, and 35 coins worth of perfume and rubbing oils
  • Bed has silk linen worth 100 coins
  • Bedroom with a sleeping human woman (level 4 thief), sleeping on the bed
  • The woman is the concubine of an evil priest, and wants help to escape to the surface, though she claims to be treated well
  • She wears a silk gown worth 35 coins, and her bed sheets are worth 60 coins
  • On the table is a gold brush (15 coins), and golden jewelry (120 coins)
  • Damp barrels line the walls, some empty, some full of water
  • Winch leading down
  • Bulette will burst through wall and attack
  • Caves covered with lichen and moss
  • 33 hook horrors in the cave, with 22 coins, 12 gold neck bands (50 coins each), 2 gold neck bands (70 coins), and 8 gold nose rings (35 coins)
  • Hatchery was destroyed by the bulette from W431
  • 12 skeletons and 12 zombies, which will only attack if party enters from the northeast
  • Bones and rotting corpses on the floor
  • 11 hungry giant frogs
  • A black pudding on the ceiling
  • Underground river with 8 giant pike
  • River connects to the 4th level of the Tower of Zagig

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