Friday, November 16, 2018

My House Rules V.01.1

Optional Rules for Solo Play

Rolling Stats

Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest result for each stat, and arrange as desired.

Rolling Damage
Damage is rolled as follows:

1-5: 1 point
6-7: 2 points
8+: 3 points

Healing is rolled the same, just with “backwards” damage

Fray Dice
All PCs have a fray die they can roll once per round, automatically hitting enemies that have HD less
than or equal to their level. Fighters have a d6 fray die, all others have a d3.

Hit Points
Monsters have hit points equal to their hit dice. Damage spills over to nearby enemies (both with fray
dice and normal attacks).

Death and Dying
If a character is reduced to 0 HP, they are on Death’s Door, and every time they take damage they must make a saving throw or die.

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