Saturday, November 24, 2018

Raven Hill: Guilty Conscience Generator

The innocent are not drawn to the fog-shrouded streets of Raven Hill, and even if they did chance upon it, the land would appear normal. No, the evil town craves only the souls of those who are consumed by guilt and remorse.

It is not necessarily "evil" that causes people to wander into town, for Raven Hill does not judge its visitors. A man who killed hundreds and believes his victims deserved what they got would never set foot in the Fogworld, but a man who failed to save his best friend's life and blames himself for their death would. It is guilt that the town craves, not sin.

(From Silent Hill 4: The Room)

Below are 4 random tables, intended for use by players while making characters to explore Raven Hill.

What is your sin? (d6)
1. You murdered somebody
2. Through your mistake, you let someone die
3. You betrayed someone close to you
4. You caused the corruption of something innocent
5. You disappointed the one you love most
6. You hid while something terrible happened, letting others suffer when you could have helped

How do you deal with the guilt? (d6)
1. You try your best to ignore it, you attempt to live a normal life
2. You indulge in decadent hedonism to distract from the pain
3. You are always on the move, never staying in one place for long
4. You turned to religion, and pray constantly for forgiveness
5. You've mostly blocked out the memory, though it comes to you sometimes in dreams
6. You constantly punish yourself in small, easy to hide ways

What is your reaction when confronted with the source of your guilt? (d6)
1. Rage
2. Numbness
3. Terror
4. Denial
5. Gallows humor
6. Anguish

Why did you come to Raven Hill? (d6)
1. You don't know, you simply woke up here
2. You've seen it in dreams
3. You're here on unrelated business
4. The source of your guilt happened here, long ago, and you've arrived to atone
5. Any road you take leads here, as if the universe is forcing you to confront your past
6. You've heard the town can wash away the guilt of sin

(From Silent Hill 3)

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