Monday, November 12, 2018

Session Report 11/11/18

Unfortunately since the last session, my datemate lost is character sheet, so now e made a new character, and we switched to my house rule system; JABOM. I came up with some solo dungeoneering rules based on the Solo Heroes rules by Sine Nomine.

The character e came up with was Grumbus, an orcish bard (wizard with some flavor changes), who has a small goblin as a familiar that e keeps on a string and uses as a grappling hook. Grumbus also has a large stick with nails in it that e insists is a wand.

I decided orcs get +2 to STR and -2 to CHA, and this is the final character sheet for the character:

Class: Level 1 Wizard (bardic singing wizard)
Species: Orc
HP 4
AC Medium
1 Mana
Familiar is a really small goblin on a string
(used as a grappling hook)
STR 14 (+1)
DEX 10
CON 10
INT 8 (-1)
WIS 10
CHA 12
Languages: common
85 coins
Gold colored scale armor (40 coins)
Big fuckin club with nails in it thats also a wand
(heavy melee weapon, 1d6+3 damage, also its a wand, no
mechanical effects though)
Backpack (5 coins)

Orcs get +2 STR -2 CHA
Knows the following spells:
Level 1
Magic Missile
Target within line of sight takes 1d6+1 damage.
Create Fire
A candle-sized fire is created on any object
or location the caster can see.
Target within sight must make a
saving throw or believe the caster is their friend.
I read off some adventures I had prepared, and e immediately gravitated to the House on Hell Road, a "haunted" house adventure in the Book of Delves. Here is what happened:

  • Grumbus arrives at the house, not wishing for gold, but merely wanting to see a ghost for funsies.
  • Upon reaching the boarded up door, e removed some nails from it and added them to is "wand" (for, and I quote "additional tetanus damage").
  • After entering the house, e found some stuffed heads, and took two gems from one of the head's eye sockets.
  • E went up stairs to find a fake ghost silhouette and a lantern full of green faerie fire, which e took.
  • When Grumbus walked down a corridor, darts fired at im, and e threw the faerie fire at the wall where the darts came from, burning the attackers alive (though the fire went out quickly, due to its magical nature). E determined from the corpses they were goblins.
  • E found some spectacles on a wooden display, and used is goblin familiar as a grappling hook to grab it without needing to touch it, finding that the spectacles serve as infrared goggles.
  • Moving on, e disarms a trap, after finding some warm footprints with is infrared glasses that helped reveal a tripwire. Grumbus took the axe from the pendulum trap.
  • Following the footprints, Grumbus meets and intimidates Derek, a brownie who lives in a cupboard and is obsessed with shoes. (My datemate claimed that the brownie is me, since he wears jingly jangly jester clothes and I am a fool)
  • Derek tells Grumbus that there are no ghosts in the house, and it was just made up by an ogre named Olaf and his goblin servants to keep people away. Grumbus demands Derek takes im to Olaf.
  • Grumbus goes into a room with a magical boiling cauldron that can make small, unintelligent clones of any creature that is dipped into it, along with some gems in a pouch. Grumbus takes the gems and then goes hogwild, making many many increasingly smaller clones of is goblin familiar, followed by cloning imself once.
  • Derek leads Grumbus on, and they encounter 2 "ghosts" which turn out to be goblins stacked on top of each other, wearing sheets and affected by an illusion spell. (This is discovered after Grumbus beats the shit out of them with is "wand"). Grumbus promptly eats the goblins after killing them.
  • Grumbus finally encounters Olaf, lounging on a pile of coins, promptly casting charm and convincing the ogre that e is an old friend, and that Olaf owes im money from gambling. Olaf is convinced, and gives Grumbus the coins, stating that e is welcome to come back any time. When offered rotten meat by one of Olaf's servants, Grumbus chowed down, stating "I'm an orc! I eat it!"

Treasure Taken
Two gemstone eyes worth 1000 coins each
Magical infrared spectacles
An axe from a pendulum trap
500 coins worth of gems in a pouch
Several clones of Grumbus's goblin familiar and is own clone
1500 coins

Enemies Killed
9 goblins

NPCs met
Derek, a shoe obsessed brownie
Olaf, an ogre who pretends the home he lives in is haunted to drive away intruders, and is convinced Grumbus is an old friend

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