Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Some Spells I Took From Pathfinder

[NOTE: Just a quick little post for today, tomorrow I might write up a dungeon!]

So, Pathfinder has this thing where the spells are really long, so in order to make them easier to reference they have a list of spells with a 1 sentence summary of the effect. Using only those summaries, I converted the following spells from Pathfinder to my own house rules.

Spells are taken from Ultimate Magic or the Advanced Player's Guide.

1st level

Decompose Corpse
The flesh of a corpse the caster touches dissolves, leaving behind a clean skeleton.

Restore Corpse
A skeleton or decomposing corpse the caster touches is restored to the state it was in immediately after death.

Sanctify Corpse
A corpse the caster touches cannot be raised as an undead creature.

A target within line of sight must make a saving throw or fail whatever attack/action they make next.

2nd level

Disfiguring Touch
A creature the caster touches must make a saving throw or become hideously ugly, effectively reducing their CHA to 3.

Blood Biography
The caster learns the entire history of a creature's life if they drink some of its blood, however, the information fades fast. They may ask 2d6 questions about the creature, which the game master must answer truthfully.

Countless Eyes
The caster grows eyes on stalks all over their head, allowing them to see in all directions simultaneously. This effect lasts for 1 day.

3rd level

Anthropomorphic Animal
An unintelligent, mundane animal touched by the caster is now intelligent as a human, can walk upright on two legs if it couldn't already, and has opposable thumbs. In addition, it can speak one language that the caster can.

Vision of Hell
3d6 HD worth of creatures within line of sight of the caster must make saving throws or see visions of Hell, causing them to be stunned for 1d3 rounds. In addition, they must make saving throws or attempt to claw their own eyes out (if they have any), taking 1d6 damage.

Vampiric Touch
A creature the caster touches takes 3d6 damage, and the caster regains HP equal to the damage the creature takes.

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