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Ke'Sik Locales And Encounters (Secret Santicorn)

This post is my Secret Santicorn gift for Dungeonliar! I hope my table of locales fits your setting well, I maybe went a little overboard with the "cold" aspect of the valley. I also included a 1e style encounter table!

1d20 Random Locales In Ke’Sik

1. 13 dark grey trees, grown in a circle around the frozen mummified corpse of a Ke’Sik tribesman.

2. A vast stump, nearly 10 yards in diameter, bubbling forth bloody sap slowly. There is no sign of its trunk.

3. A large mound, with an old grey tree on top. Carved into the tree’s bark are runic symbols.

4. A cave, full of the frozen and mummified corpses of people who fled from the Ke’Sik tribesmen in prehistoric times.

5. Ruins of primitive huts, with grey trees all around.

6. A ruined tower, with a red banner in unnaturally pristine condition fluttering in the frigid wind.

7. An orchard of grey trees, planted in neat, artificial rows. If one enters the orchard, it seems to go on forever, stretching off into infinity.

8. A large chunk of ice, with some grey trees burrowing their roots into it. If one peers into the ice, they can see the faint outlines of humanoid figures.

9. A pond of red, opaque water. Something lurks in the liquid, but always seems to swim away when approached.

10. A grey tree that seems hideously twisted into a screaming humanoid form.

11. A grey tree that has been stripped of all its bark, leaving it looking raw and bloody.

12. A series of ice sculptures in the shape of a raiding party on war-beasts.

13. Abandoned tents made of leathery crimson fabric.

14. A pit, leading down into a frost-covered cave system. Roots of grey trees serve as a rudimentary ladder if one wished to climb down.

15. A roughly-hewn henge, covered over with the roots of grey trees.

16. A field of bones, animal and human, hidden under a layer of snow.

17. Burnt out husk of a grey tree, with a malformed and burnt infant Raudr’s corpse within.

18. Broken pieces of a once great statue, depicting a man in a horned helmet. The remains of the statue are covered with the climbing roots of grey trees.

19. A small grove of non-grey trees, stunted and dying.

20. 3 grey trees growing together into one, with branches like arms stretching into the sky.

BONUS: Random Encounter Tables

Random Encounters In Ke’Sik (D6)
1-2. Red Faithful
3. Norse Adventuring Party, seeking gold
4. Raudr
5-6. Wild Animals

Subtable A: Red Faithful (D4)
1. 2d6 Ke’Sik tribesmen, armed with flails
2. 2d6 Ke’Sik tribesmen, armed with spears and on war-beasts
3. 2d6 Ke’Sik tribesmen and 1d2 shamans, 50% chance on war-beasts
4. 3d6 undead skeletal Ke’Sik tribesmen, animated by blood-red sap and armed with primitive stone and bone weaponry

Subtable B: Norse Adventurers (D4)
1. 1d4+2 fighters
2. 1d4 fighters, 1d2 thieves, and a cleric
3. 2d6 0 level henchmen and 1d2 magic-users
4. 1d3 fighters, 1d2 thieves, a magic-user, and a cleric

Subtable C: Raudr (D10)
1-3. First-born/Raudr Gungir
4-5. Second-born/Raudr Gram
6. Third-born/Raudr Tyrfing
7-8. Fourth-through-Sixth-born/Raudr Forseti
9. Seventh-born/Raudr Hrotti
10. Raudr Stillborn

Subtable D: Wild Animals (D6)
1. 2d6 wolves
2. Bear
3. Yeti
4. Snow leopard
5. Snow shark
6. 2d4 Giant weasels

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